Selected Poems by John Manimas



Listed in unrandom order. I play a little game where I sometimes change my middle initial for a poem, because I am a slightly different person for that particular poem.

All poetry and short stories posted on these web pages are copyrighted in the name of John Manimas or John Manimas Medeiros.




(One Won)


(Mind You)




Here's (Looking at You) ... [1/24]


(What Shall We Do?)


(Words of Love)


Meet a flying (Saucerer) [Happy Holydays 1223]


(The Emodimac) in time for the holidays 2023.


(At The Table) in interesting times.


(October Leaves) 1964 or 2024


(My Poor Mother)


(Looking, Seeking)


(The Laws) is all there is.


Woke? Will you (See the Fog) ?


A special note that begins with (Best Regards)


Would like to take a test ride in (My New Casket) ?


How strong a hunger for (Insight) ?


What shapes thy (Fearful Symmetry) ?


Have you ever contemplated (A View From the Stars).


A text message to (Dear God).


A visit to the (Library).


Handing in my (Resignation).


(Prisoners of a Pandemic) (January 2022)


(A Change of Plans)


(Do Pigs Think?)


(In a Cycle)


(Cold 45)


(The Essence)


(Old Prayer)


The (Old Philosopher)


(My Part)


(Rising in Love) [blast from past - 2012]


(My Breakfast)




(Miracles) We Have Seen ... (January 2021)


(My Home)


(Sort Of)


(Let's Say)


(The Love Again)


(Peanuts or Shells?)


(We Had Plans)


(No Time in Heaven)


(No Contract With Nature)


(Away With Words)


(No Beer Cans)


(Frightened) by God


(Social Science)


The Ark of animals (Specialize)


(Resting at Morning)


(Love as Connection)








Owed to (Consternation)




(All the Dead)




(Bike Ride to Heaven)


(Life Planning Seminar)


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