My New Casket


So I think I will bop on down

to Killarney's Funeral Home

and try out a new casket.

Been uncomfortable most of my life.

Maybe my casket, if I can afford it,

will bring me comfort during my period

of death.


They say that death is forever, but who can be sure.

Might just be more fake news, fake news from heaven.

I see that I can get a casket made of purple tin foil

with the $999.99 package deal, this week only.

Truth is I would prefer the old fashioned pine box,

prefferably lined with straw, like Jesus' cradle,

and a few sheep in attendance, to bah, bah, bah

whatever they like about the dead, just like people.



Don't care to have any preaching at my funeral;

not interested in any membership campaign.

Can't say for sure whether God is invited,

who failed his yearly employee evaluation.

He missed a lot of days, and didn't do much

good when he did drag himself out of bed and

through the cold morning air.

Always giving advice, our Dear God,

but not much good at setting an example.  


People say we should fear God.

What for?  Isn't God supposed to be supremely good.

What is there to fear in the supremely good?

Sounds kind of like being afraid of French Fries

or fresh donuts.


Yes, I want the pine box, and I want it well

before I need it.

I want it in my living room. 

I will lie in it and rest, practice as it were,

peace on Earth and good will to my neighbors,

who will divide up my furniture and stuff.

I can see myself, lying there,

listening to my favorite music,

quiet, restful, practicing freedom.


        John C. Manimas, December, 2022

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