J Manimas Time List

Here are John Manimas' works on the meaning of "time," listed with the most recent first. My position is that time is a fiction of consciousness and the current interpretation or doctrine of relativity theory is wrong. Nature is process of events and each event encompasses duration. But Nature does not require a past, present and future in order for the process to unfold. Intellect develops the concept of time because past, present and future are required in the form of memory in order for intellect to possess concepts of cause and effect. The ability to discern cause and effect is obviously an extremely valuable trait for survival in any niche and perpetuation of the species. Cause and effect leads to reason, contemplation, imagination, science and technology. As of June 10, 2022, I consider my work finished on my bucket list task #3 of 4: Describe how time is a fiction of consciousness and inseparable from the counting of repeated events. First entry is a short poem, longest entry is the story of Crazy James Clocks. James sees clocks everywhere, and from this he concludes that time equals counting, and there is no demonstrable separation of time from the count of a clock.


16) A Timely (Conclusion) [5 pages, May 2022].


15) An important reality about (Time and Evolution) [2 pages].


14) What my alien friend said (Over Lunch).


13) For my friend "Kelso" : a brief experiment to prove that (The Past) is always present.


12) For Neil deGrasse Tyson: a better explanation of Einstein's Relativity Theories: (Clock Dilation) ... the most important 10 pages in the world.


11) Take a very quick look at what happens when you travel to (Another Time) ... to the future, to the past, back again to the present future.


10) Revising the Cosmological Interpretation of (Einstein's Mathematics) refers also to Crazy James' Clocks.


9) Enjoy (Time Out) a brief summary of national security secrets, leaked here, about the most powerful weapon of all times.


8) Enjoy (Crazy James' Clocks) a short story about a boy who sees clocks everywhere. In JMDMagazine December 2012 and January 2013.


7) Go to JMDM 2010 (J Manimas Democracy Magazine), February 2011, for:

Time Science: Why I Believe Time is a Fiction of Consciousness (11 pages) Applied brain development - how we learn. --> (Time is a Fiction)


6) Go to JMDM 2010 (J Manimas Democracy Magazine), October 2010, for:

One Clock, Two Measurements, One Duration, which I claim proves that the relativity doctrine of "space-time" is wrong. --> (One Clock)


5) Go to JMDM 2010, August 2010, for:

Caesar is Rome! (short story about time travel). --> (Caesar is Rome!)


4) JMDM June 2010, for:

I Remember WWII also about "time." --> (I Remember WWII)


3) JMDM 2009 January 2009, for:

Theory of Electromagnetic Propulsion and the Incredible Horse-shit Clock --> (Horseshit Clock)


2) Click on the Geometry Icon, search for V [volume] 04 for:

Non-Anthropomorphic Theory of Time, an essay on time. --> (Non-Anthropomorphic Time)


1) Geometry to V [volume] 08 search for:

Disappearance of Time, a poem about time (1 page) --> (The Disappearance) of Time

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