Time is Counting Events

Welcome to Aquarius, Volume 8 (August 16, 2007), Squaring the Circle Exactly.


The Disappearance of Time (a poem comprised of anti-physics)

I am a magician but claim to be no seer.

We may live forever and time could disappear.

Twenty-four times sixty equals only one,

And a race of some duration pulls the trigger of a gun.

One sixty eight is seven as seen from here to heaven

And a minute now with me could explain eternity.

An interval of action, a duration we detect,

Has a great attraction for a measure to perfect.

One equals many and many are a few.

Much are one again and none enough for you.

When you name a piece of time, you state a second kind.

To the happening of A compare the happening of B.

Look at cycle C and the cycle C of D.

Event upon event occur within a bowl

That has no heart, nor mind, nor soul.

Event upon event, occurring now and then

And counting sections fine give us intervals of time.

And time upon the signs of time for the events

Could well engender fear

That the counting of events causes time to disappear.

(C) 2007, John Manimas Medeiros


If "t" for time appears in a formula or equation, that formula or equation describes and defines only the technology of the author, a technological animal, but does not describe the real, natural, physical universe. The real physical universe employs Nature's technology where all things are accomplished strictly by process without reference to any measurement of duration or time. We humans, being technological animals, not only produce events, but we also count events, such as days, hours, seconds, marriages, home runs, touchdowns, peaches, ships, bombs and deaths. Nature never had a need to count events in order to do all that it does. Therefore, Nature produces all events through its process, but it does not count events. Because Nature does not count events, time does not exist as an independent entity in the real physical universe. Any reasonable human being can see that if you are prohibited from counting events, you cannot formulate or employ a concept of duration or time. This fact is, therefore, actually a proof that time equals the counting of events. And, where there is no counting there is no time.

If you wish to disagree, you must show me an occurrence where Nature actively counts the occurrences of a cyclical event. The fact that we, technological animals, read the rings of trees or other physical objects such as bones and stones as records of events, doe not mean that Nature reads them also. This is just another anthropomorphic viewpoint. Trees do not count their own rings. We do. Nature does not read bones and stones. We do. Time is a count and only a count. Regardless of where you are in your count, and although science fiction and "time travel" are fun, Nature has only the present conditions that are the actual cause of what will occur next. But Nature is not a memory bank in the way the human brain is a "bank" where memories are saved. Nature is process without counting and without saving memories. Matter and the laws that govern matter is all that Nature requires to do what it does. Nature can and does produce stars, but it does not need to count the stars in order to produce them. Therefore, Nature does not count the stars or anything else. Nature is only a producer. We are the accountants.

If we see ourselves as one of the products of Nature, and we consider the fact that our brains are memory banks that count time, then we can extend our understanding of "time" as a count a little further. If we ask the question, "Where is Nature's memory bank that saves memories?" we can see that the only possible answer is that Nature's memory bank exists in the brain of a technological animal, such as we human beings. Therefore, our brains are the memory banks that keep records of past events in storage. That is correct and still consistent with our understanding of time as an accounting. Counting occurs in our brains, and memories or records of times past occur in our brains. Our brains can also imagine future events or "future times." Therefore, the conclusion consistent with what is argued here is that counting and time exist within the human brain and not outside the human brain. Time is therefore a human experience that arises from our ability to count and measure, but time does not exist as an independent entity prior to the evolution of an intellect that can count events. There is no "fabric" of time to warp or travel through. Time exists only in the human brain, and therefore "time travel" can occur only in the human brain and imagination, but never in the real, physical universe. Travel over the great distances between galaxies will not involve the manipulation of time, because there is nothing that needs to be manipulated. Our living process is Earthly, determined by our origins, and a minute or day of "time" on Earth will always be the same for us regardless of where we are or what we are doing or the velocity of our travel. It is also likely that our bodies will change in response to non-Earthly conditions. In any case, both the Special and General Theories of Relativity are ways of describing human technology, not Nature's technology.

For me, the Buddhist concept "Present moment only moment." is not only psychology, or only a spiritual concept. It is physics. And all of human physics must be revised in order to be consistent with the reality that time is strictly internal.

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