Time Out:  the bottom-secret truth about why we are always at war*

By John Manimas Medeiros,

but this work not subject to copyright because I want

everyone to know the truth about America’s secret government.


*In 2022, the government stopped the practice of referring to the most important state secrets as being “top” secret because the most secret of all secrets are the most buried and most hidden of all secrets.  Therefore, they replaced “top” secret with “bottom” secret, it being clear that the most protected of secrets are concealed on the bottom, not the top.


First, this document is dangerous because it tells you an important truth.  Nothing is more dangerous than the truth.  So, tell your friends, but make sure you tell everyone to keep this information confidential.  It is secret.  It is about black operations, meaning you pay for it but you are not allowed to know what is done with your money or why.  This is necessary so that you can be free, and possibly brave.


For twenty-seven years I worked for a bottom-secret organization that is a sub-division of the National Security Agency.  I cannot even tell you the name of that division, but I will tell you the sole focus of my work was on the most powerful of all weapons, the weapon of time-travel.  No other weapon comes even close to possessing the destructive potential of time-travel.  First secret:  the United States Army discovered how time travel works in 1992.  But, it was only a few years later that three other nations, not all of them friendly, got their hands on this bottom-secret technology.  Fortunately, the United States did not waste any time using time travel.  Several Invisible Berets (the name invented for time-traveling special ops soldiers) were sent into the future to see how the development of time-travel weapons evolved, and who obtained possession of them.  At first, the main fear was that terrorists would travel into the past (from our present) and try to change history so that there was no freedom and democracy, but then we soon realized that the greatest danger of all was from the future, because the terrorists of the future would send agents back to the past, that being our present, to create chaos here and now and change history so that their present could be changed into what they want (in the future) instead of the future we gave them by our actions in their past (our present).  Anyway, it was promptly discovered that the future controllers of time travel, including both governments and business corporations, became polarized, and divided into two conflicting factions:  those who want an economy based on war, and those who want an economy based on peace.  Immediately, those who want – in the future – an economy based on war, got the upper hand.  They cranked out time-travelers like sweet corn and sent people back to all sorts of past times and places, so that all of our history became filled with wars over every conceivable problem or disagreement one could imagine.  There were wars over fish, over sex, over trees, over rivers, over religious idols, over art, over songs, wars based on movements of the stars, who owned the land, who owned the sheep, who owned the children.  It was obvious that those who wanted an economy based on war had an advantage, that being, people like to fight, over almost everything, even what are the best toppings on a pizza. 


Those who want an economy based on peace got stuck with religion.  Religion seemed to be the only motivational basis for making people peaceful.  Everyone is so ready to fight over how things should be, they invented heaven and hell and rewards and punishment, eternal, after one dies, so that people would be scared shitless into being peaceful.  It does work, much of the time, but the battle goes on.  It is not a done deal.  The big soprano is still singing.       


Now here are the essentials of the ten million secret documents that I borrowed from Monsanto Chemical [and Time-Travel] Corporation, the summary, that you need to know in order to know what is going on and then figure out what to do about it.  Time travel, though it fell into the hands of practically everyone in the future, like cell phones, still presents us all with formidable problems: 

            First, there is the problem of what stage of life a person is in when they travel from the future back to the past, or the present, still being the past for them, but present for us.

            Second, there is the problem of permanent loyalty.  That is, when a person, or biological robot, is sent from the distant future back to us here, how can they (in the future) be absolutely certain that the being sent back to us here will remain perfectly loyal to the mission they were originally assigned (in the future).  If they develop free will – whether you believe in free will or not is irrelevant – they might change their mission, or fall in love, or become a drug addict, or develop a mental illness and run for elective office, and get elected.  There are numberless ways that a missionary from the future, for war or for peace, could become distracted or redirected or fall into some jackass religion of one type or another. 

            Three, there is the enormous problem of history.  History is what happens, but not only what happens it is also what is remembered and even written down.  SO, if someone who is sent from the future to the past (so far back that it is even our past), and that person who is fighting for peace, or for war, changes history is some way, such as by killing Peter the Great or by saving Alexander Hamilton, or by being born as a hero to Helen of Troy before the Trojan War is over, actually does change history, then not only does history get changed, but everyone’s memory of history has to change also, and all the books about history have to be changed in order to tell the story of the new history that replaced the old history.  This is a big problem.  AND, you should not be surprised to hear (or read) that because of this problem an astronomical number of persons sent to us here and now from the future are devoted to managing this incredible problem of managing history.  Everyone who is sent to us for this purpose, apparently people numbering in the millions and hundreds of millions, play a role in revising history and our memories of what happened centuries ago so that the changes in history are properly recorded and maintained – until the next change in history is caused by someone who was sent to support the war economy, or the peace economy, and who succeeds in changing history.  These millions of persons often work as writers or librarians or record keepers of some form or another.  Many thousands of them today work on internet whatever-pedias and social communications applications like Facebook, Twatter, and Asspages.  The whole purpose of all of this activity by millions of alien agents sent to us from the future is to constantly change our memories of history, and our writings about history, in a timely manner, to accommodate the endless series of changes in history that are brought about by the change agents sent to us from the next century, the second next century, and the many millennia ahead where people become more and more concerned about controlling our future by controlling the past, which gets bigger and bigger as time goes on.


Again, the first problem with all of these super bottom-bottom-secrets is what stage of life a person is in when they are sent to us from the future.  If they are a full grown adult, the immediate problem is painfully obvious:  What is their name and record of birth?    What is their identity and how and where is their identity documented.  So here again, millions of persons are sent from the future back to the past – our present – to provide us with nurses and doctors and Town Clerks and other obsessive-compulsive record keepers who are used to document the fake identify records of the people who are sent to us, from the future, as fully grown adults.  This method is so cumbersome, it is practically discontinued, and has been replaced by the far more effective and far more realistic time-travel method of sending a sperm cell from the future back to the past – our present – that swims up the vagina of a female, preferably young and healthy and inclined to let her child become whatever he or she wants to be (permissive), so that the sperm person sent from the future can stick to the genetic plan and not become distracted or redirected by restrictive or oppressive child-raising practices that can cause them to deviate from their assigned mission, which is to promote war, or peace.  This system works fine.  The person from the future is sent back to us in the past, our present, in a genetic package, and we have no way of detecting whether that sperm cell – or egg cell (there is also a method to send egg cells from the future back to the past) – is an ordinary and natural present genetic cell or an alien cell sent to us from the future.  This form of time-travel is virtually undetectable, although the Alien Future Division of Homeland Security is working on this problem.  Therefore, until we have developed a reliable alien-from-the-future sperm and egg cell detector, we have no way of knowing who is from the present and who is from the future.  In fact, if you think about it, you have no way of knowing whether I am from the present or the future, and possibly you do not even have a way of knowing whether you are yourself from the present or from the future – except by virtue of your instincts or intuition.  This is still a problem though, even if you have the best instincts and can feel that you are from the future, the best course of action is not to tell anyone, even your most trusted online friend, because that will either get you killed or placed in a mental institution.  So, you see, it is all sewed up, like a sock that is sewed closed at the top.  And you are sewed up in it.  No one can undo the vast and tangled, interwoven harm that is caused by time travel.  No one knows who is really from the past, or the present, or the future.  We all just keep fighting over everything, some of us fighting for an economy based on peace, and some of us fighting for an economy based on war, and none of us every knowing what will happen next, and will it be caused because of an assignment given in the future and sent back to the past, or an assignment sent from the past and sent forward to the future.  We just cannot know where we came from, why we were sent, and what we are supposed to do. 


Maybe what we need is a time out.  We need to just sit down and lay out all the secrets on the table, see who has what technology, and who has the best time travel, find the best future, and go there.  Otherwise, we can all just go to hell.  What in heavens name are we going to do, if religion turns out to be true, and the future is there, ahead, waiting for us to get there?  And all the time, we are just running back and forth trying to control the past, in order to control the present, in order to control the future, or whatever it is that needs to be controlled, in order for each of us to complete the mission that was assigned to us and programmed in our genetic package, and sent out, on a mission.  But some missions are natural (from the present) and others are alien (from the future or the past), although we do not yet have the technology to tell the difference.  Wait.  Better technology will come, and then we will know, and no one will be able to hide behind the secrets of time travel.


Visit me in prison.  I may appear to be an ordinary human male, but I am actually in the process of making the transition to being a female house cat.  They seem to have a reasonably good life, and many millions have been sent from the future to the present, to watch us.  The future economy holds wild secrets that even I do not have access to.  Why do you think house cats appear to be so laid back and un-bothered by anything?  They have one simple mission: just watch.  What they do with the information they observe, I do not know.  But you can be sure it is sent back to whoever sent them here.  That is the job I want, really.  To watch humans and report on what I see.  As hard as the life of a cat can be, it has some great benefits.  Cats are tortured far less than humans.  Believe me, anyone who has access to the bottom-secret black ops like I do knows this is true.  Humans are not only tortured by the endless war between war and peace.  Humans are tortured by their own thoughts.  When I am a cat, I will spend nearly all of my time doing two of my favorite things:  catching mice and eating fish.   

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