The Laws


There are the laws, and that is all there is.

We strive to understand the laws,

but there is no explanation.

There is no explanation because

there is no one who needs to know.

If the universe was created by a personal being,

we do not need to know who.

If the universe was created at a measured time,

no one needs to know when.

If the universe was created at a tangible location,

how could it be drawn on an infinite page?

If the universe has a boundary,

what is on the other side of that boundary?

It would be, according to our logic, not the universe,

which escapes any possible form of explanation.

We may be able to formulate an explanation for any

thing that resides within the universe,

but the universe itself does not reside within

another thing that is not the universe,

and therefore there is no explanation.

If there were an explanation for the universe

here within our own thoughts,

then it would be an explanation within the universe

and it could not be the explanation of the universe

because the explanation of the universe is logically

not in the universe just like the explanation of an apple

cannot be inside the apple and must be outside the apple

and therefore if the explanation of the universe resides

outside of the universe then it must be something that

is not the universe, and that which is not the universe

existing beside the universe must exist within a third

setting that is neither the universe nor not the universe.

The laws and only the laws can be for the universe

and the source of the universe without explanation.

The laws are the explanation that we can seek.

And find.  Perhaps.  There is no further explanation.


                              John L. Manimas, March, 2023

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