Where the hell are you?


I'm looking for my open brain.

Have you found yours?

I want to fill it up with ALL

        the useful information in the universe.


Did you know that words are partial?

Our minds conceive of MEANING

        and THEN we invent words to

        access the meaning,

        express the meaning,

        convey the meaning.

But the conveyance is never 100%.

It's like you order a dishwasher and

        there are some screws missing.


You can order a spouse and have some screws missing.

You, or them, or both.  Or parts broken.

        Don't call the store.


We are accessible to one another partially,

because our thumbs are opposable.

The opposability is not for holding a smart phone.

Thumbs are for holding a reliable tree branch.


We did not come down from the trees in order to walk

with our assholes pointing downward.

We came up out of the ocean

        so we could watch reality television,

or ride a horse, or fight evil,

inside our electrohyperfantasmic goggles.


Breast implants foreshadowed mind implants.

Someone on the street has a pill that gives you

super powers in the future now being wondered.


Where the fuck are you?

Are you accessible?

Do you know me?

                       -- John A. Medeiros  August 2018


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