I've had the radish, beets, the whole rootbang.

Herewith, I hand in my resignation

from the human race.

The disappointments and offenses

far outweigh the cards and flowers.


Fathers run off to money or war, or lust,

and mothers monitor their hair, earrings, and nails.

Every act of charity is a condemnation of

the Gypsy caravan called "economics."


Rich women donate their shoes, unworn,

with the mysterious comings of style change.

Christmas gifts of clothing go to the steel bins

for spring revival and closet space.

The human cluster is periodically renovated

with dramatic protests regarding a need

for greater justice from fools elected by idiots.

But the contrived hierarchy of masters and slaves

is barely disguised and clear to the discerning eye

of anyone with an IQ above moron.


The record of evidence in my complaint

will show that the careless monkeys

who look in a mirror and see gods

do not learn from experience.

Being a loyal member of this

suicide club called "humanity"

has lost all values.

Why swim in a lake that is being drained?


I renounce my membership in the human association.

Being certified human has been a trivial

guarantee for most who get

caught breaking the same rules that

were broken yesterday by judge and jury

and the children who judge all.


I just don't see any benefit, pride or

protection in being human.

The animals of the forest and meadow

possess greater dignity, reasonable lives.

Even in the neat suburbs the best cuts

of meat get burnt on the grill.  Everyone is lying,

and the buzzing insects are better equipped

for the nuclear war not being planned

but sure to come.


Someone will deliver a fusion bomb that

kills fifty million people to prove

that they love God.

God, rather saddened by the scope of his failure,

will cry out in anguish.

I hope to be very far away,

ready when I am accused.

"You! You crazy son-of-a bitch.

You are one of those humans, are you not?"

"What?  Me?  No. Never.  No way.

I dropped out.  Deserted.  Escaped."

The priests, the scholars, the courts,

all insist that I have free will

and I am accountable for my behavior.


I accept full responsibility for my departure.

"Goodbye, good luck, go to hell."

The outcome of humanity is beyond metaphor.

Bang, whimper, fizzle, giggle, space cold silence.

Absolute silence forevermore.


        "Mr. Manimas, would you reconsider?

We're having a special on prime rib this week."


        John R. Manimas, March, 2022


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