Miracles We Have Seen


"Stand back!" a woman shouted,

"Give him space.  He needs air.  All he needs is air."

Then Jesus said, "Alexa, kill the dictator."

and the dictator died.

Then a soldier came, Major Kelly,

and Major Kelly said,

"Jesus, there is a child in my home who is sick and dying,

the child of a beloved cook in my house.

I would consider it a precious blessing if you healed her.

Her loss would create deep sorrow in my house."

Then Jesus said,

"Because of your love, she shall be healed.

Show me the way.  I will follow."

"Oh no Jesus," the soldier said, "I am not

worth your trouble to come to my home.

As you have given your word, I know she shall be healed,

because I too am an officer, and when I say to a man 'Go,'

he goes,

and when I order a man to 'Come,'

he comes.

I will take my leave now,

and hurry home, because you have said it,

and I know it is done."

Then Jesus said,

"In all the world have I seen trust such as this?

Go, all you who have seen these things.

Go, Alexa, and tell the world."


               John Manimas, January 2021

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