Dear God

For everything I want to thank you,

for so much you have given me in terms of help

and the wonderful people in my life and the

fantastic planet I live on, but

I need more help.

The world is a mess and I have my own

personal challenges and weaknesses as you know.

I do wonder of course how you could have the

time to hear my prayers or my thoughts,

there being over seven billion people on Earth

and millions of galaxies full of other people

so it certainly looks like a bureaucracy of

great size.

Then again, of you we have high expectations.

A guy showed up here and said he had a message

from you and one of things he said was,

"You will be judged accordingly as you have judged others."

A fair warning.

I wanted to remind you of that.

People talk about you.

Whatever your reputation, you probably have

earned it just as I have earned mine.

Maybe I look like a failure.

You should take a good look at yourself too,

you know.


John G. Manimas, July, 2022

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