Love as Connection


The cuddly cat is mewing for canned fish,

but we are connected to flooded towns.

My shoulders feel cold in the room

and we are connected to fungus

killing frogs and people.

My love takes steroids for pain

and steroids weaken immunity to disease

and we are connected to disease.

We are connected to you

and you carry a disease.

As in The Matrix , you

are a disease

coming in,

consuming and destroying,

moving out.

Nature has no regrets, only survivors.

The life of a microbe,

something very small,

destroys the life of a giant.


Thus, David is a speck, a mote,

and the giant is me.

I will rot, brown and soft,

like a bad peach,

turn into odorous crap,

because we are connected.

Visitors will come from the stars

and find a civilization of slimy worms

who feed on toxic leaves.

The wise leader will observe that

to these worms, they are connected.

It is true then, that God and Satan are connected.

They are brothers, bound by love.

Thus, we who are connected

worship love and rebellion.

Like the original siblings, watching smoke,

we live and die, because we are connected.


John C. Medeiros, April 2019

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