Best Regards

I am resting now, deliberately resting

Industrial-strength detachment,

Letting go of the universe and enclosing

The entire universe in my micromind.

The anticipation of everything:

I am emptying my mind, achieving Nirvana

Achieving eternal peace as the ultimate act,

Not removal but total inclusion.

All is here in me, and I am discarding all

Which impedes total freedom.

I take complete freedom by complete expulsion

Of all things from mind, body, universe.

Out go my slippers, my meds, my wallet, my cat.

Bless the cat for its brief reprieve.

Out goes my suit jacket, my car keys, the car.

Out go the bed itself, the chairs, tables, lamps,

Unnumbered figurines of people, animals, plants, icons.

I have made for myself an infinite spacetime window.

Imagine this window, an ordinary window in appearance

But it opens from my mindroom onto the endless expanse

Of the entire universe, and everything must go.

I throw everything out this window, even my thoughts.

Things do not fall "down" like with local gravity,

But everything falls away, radiates outward like

Light beams from a star.

Watch them go out, floating away,

sometimes speeding away, in quick succession:

my wives, my children, my ancestors,

my house, my apartments, my jobs, my letters,

my money --- held onto that briefly ---

my lovers --- held onto them a little longer ---

my genitals, my feet, my books, my friends,

you, philosophers, priests, heroes, generals,

emperors, kings, cockroaches, mosquitoes,

butter, mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup,

even the fucking ice cream. All things.

Roses, daffodils, daisies, dandelions,

Hard to let go of the dandelions,

I really loved the dandelions.

Out the window fly the paintings and drawings

And photos and videos and disinformation ---

Followed by real information.

Look at the facts go flying away at warp speed.

Everything, all things, out go colors,

Tones, music, bells, toenails, legs, buttocks,

Necks, roast turkey, steaks, chops, potato chips.

My rest in peace is accelerating now,

Tearing out of my space window at warp speed,

Candy canes, chocolate covered cherries,

Wine, beer, vodka. Had to throw out the Russians

Before the vodka. Politics. Out went politics,

Journalists, newspapers, discussion, opinions,

Bulldozers, cranes, bucket loaders, snowplows,

Ships, planes, rockets, space suits, fire,

Water, milk, cream, whiskey, toilets,

Sinks, ---- yes, the kitchen sink ---

Tubs, showers, soap, shampoo, hair,

Combs, lipstick. Somebody tried to keep the lipstick.

Cardboard boxes, plastic bags, leftovers, plates,

Cups, bowls, forks, knives, spoons, gravy boats.

Holding onto the gravy for a few minutes longer,

Stay with me.

Goodbye Elvis, Buddy, Roy, Frank, Dean, Bobby,

Marilyn, Peggy, Joan, Judy, Anne, Willie.

Goodbye kites, tinker toys, lincoln logs, whiffle balls,

Cotton balls, baseballs, basketballs, footballs, tennis balls,

Lemon balls, coconut balls, dirt balls, all the balls,

All the flavors, out they go in all directions.

Not the four directions, the infinite directions.

Away, away, as my peace grows in scope, and depth,

And the sides of the space window heat up like the

Shield on a re-entry capsule.

Things are flying away so fast.

It's getting really fast now.

Almost down to zero things and infinite rest,

Infinite peace, infinite clarity.

So clear I see nothing, hear nothing.

Complete. Done. The window is gone.

The last thing out the window was the window.

Goodbye junk. Hello emptiness.

I was never good at saying goodbye.

Except this time. Shit.

De-cluttering and separation is impossible.

If I live in the universe, all things are always here.

There is no landfill, no ocean, no toilet.

Could have saved myself a lot of time and trouble

If I just threw myself out of my spacetime window.

I too am a thing in the universal clutter.

Put me in your yard sale, every spring.


John B. Manimas, February, 2023

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