Bike Ride to Heaven


Think I'll ride my bike up to the cemetery today,

get acquainted with my new friends.

Will be gliding with them soon,

up there in peace-o-rama village.


Kind of like an exchange program.

Not just "peace on earth"

but peace between heaven and earth.

Mainly because they are so forgiving,

but we still don't like them,

white-robe saint-asses with their noses in the sky.


We always go to them.

They don't visit us much.

Why would they?

If you were a monkey on a banana farm

would you leave?


Stones, originally to mark where they left,

but now places set aside for their documentation.

I can't get comfortable with my probable death.

It lacks choice.

It would be a tough call though,

if it were either die or live forever.

Dying is a sad goodbye, there being a lot to like here,

friends, cards, sports, pizza, affection, poetry.

But living forever?  That too has a dark side.

Same old, same old, I guess, most generally.


                       -- John A. Medeiros, September 2018


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