Away With Words


Sometimes I half always had a weigh with swords.

I became a wear that I herd music better with my I's closed.

And then I found a whole book that con firmed that I am right.



We are story tellers. Everything is a story.

One thing at a time.

Even when you explain any thing you are telling a story.


What you did last Thursday; why you prefer black coffee;

and how light passes through a glass window.

Are all a story you tell with words found in your speak on airy.

But some words are lost.

You are at a loss for words.

I am at a loss for words.

But wait.

"Loss" is a word as is "for" and "words."

We were not at a loss.

It's just that we told a story about loss and about words.


I don't know what you want me to say,

but I just said it.

We are an ox and a moron.


My word story will end when I die.

But wait.

You, or some other parsonage will pick up where I dropped off.

The story must go on

Without me,

the universe will still be, including someone telling a story.


But wait.

If ever all brains are dead, there will still be a universe,

But not a story.

That's my story, you see, and it's stickin' to me.


John W. Medeiros, November 2019

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