How do I speak to you, now?

After death and destruction have been

followed by re-emergence seventy thousand times?

What language?  What means?

Could it be sound, or light?

Would you teach me the code?

The arcane method

with which I could convey

my infant perceptions to the aged

Mother of all things.


How do I pray after

learning a few of your many secrets

while I do not yet understand

the language of vibrations

or how to cross the stars

like stones in a shallow brook?


My hunger for knowledge is never satisfied.                                                                                                                                                                   

My ability to absorb inadequate to my aspirations.

I do not want to be you, Oh God.

I just want to sit nearby and listen to the

Holy Spirit purr like a cat in a cat's world.


How do I ask without being rude?

Please teach me.

What is the most magnificent of mysteries?

Is it you?

Or is it me?


        John I. Manimas, October, 2022

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