Prisoners of a Pandemic

While we were fornicating with the canines

and counting dollars stolen according to law,

the pervasive swarm of prick motes floated onto

our bastard stage bringing tidings of great grief.

A fuckabup speck with sticky spines drifted

quietly through the broad sieve of almost defenses

and shat upon the dreams of seven billion fools.

Us, a species of fire-loving monkey with a hope

of rational thought tacked on to the main body

of starving voracious, blind impulses to take

and deny others, to be protected, inviting the

weakened and wrecked to trust us to take care

of them so long as they don't spot our wash

or drop their stink on the royal anus of the rich.

Report: On planet Casabisk, third out from Solar X

in Galaxy LBT472 grows a dangerous species that

is able to build professional grade violence but has

no moral genes to support their bid to colonize

other worlds. They are about to break through

the only boundary that protects us from this

variety of hopelessly harmful disease elimination.

Numerous attempts at communication have failed.

There is a vast conspiracy of life and they are members,

but they have not understood and show no signs of

the blessed capacity to learn from experience.

Before using radioactive and physical annihilation,

which would harm many worthwhile life forms

on this beautiful planet, request permission to

employ biological agents to remove the offending

mindless, mobile technological disaster by means

of a virus that entails minimum necessary force.

Don't bother God. She's off somewhere

rescuing feral cats.


John P. Manimas, January 2022

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