My Part


"Exit left" whispered from backstage.

I thought I had done well, but felt uneasy.

We were called.

We were all called to perform.

We answered the call to labor.

But I thought I had more to offer.

"You did well… okay," he said.

"A hesitation in Act Two,

I think you dropped a word in Act Three,

but no one is perfect."

"I know I can do better.

I long for a larger part."

"The competition is fierce.

You are good, but there are greater talents,

and parts are assigned by destiny.

Perhaps you are shy.

Maybe you held back …

Not everyone is born for the stage.

It was a small house.

Enough to pay for the lights

and tomorrow's coffee.

The universe and good theatre

are a non-profit enterprise.

Now exit left before you ruin everything."


        John P. Manimas, April 2021

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