They have become clear now,

the things that were mysterious before.

I understand about the electrons and the amperage,

the moon and the clouds, and the wind and the rain.

It has all come together, about hormones and pheromones

and love and death and happiness.

The formation of neurons during the tender

childhood years shapes the personality

that makes the decisions that lead to

the future that was imagined,

but differently.


It is clear like a cold night sky in the far mountains.


But I know too much.

I know that there is a meteor approaching.

It is large enough to stop life on Earth.


No one sees it yet,

but I understand these things,

shown to me by my personal coach

and star reader.

It will be over for us soon.

But at least I understand.

I was sure it would be better to know.

That dying with knowledge, full clarity in all things,

would be sublime, joyful, ecstatic.

But actually, it would have been the same as if

I died with my head up my ass.


Let it be written in colorful gases, across the universe,

“We were snuffed by a piece-of-shit stone.”

Let others read that, our history.


               December 22, 2018, by John C. Medeiros

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