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Techno-ape is a customer-oriented family

Of businesses designed to meet the needs of the

Future that has arrived early.

Congo fulfillment center. Fast delivery.


Consider the detonation of high explosives

Under your seat. Can you adjust?

Of course not.

Our bodies do not adjust to violent explosions.

They become organic shrapnel, fertilizer.

What about technological explosions?

We are expected to adjust, are we not?

And that is the mission of Techno-ape,

To make techno-adjustment comfortable.

Your job is gone? Families have changed?

Car, phone, home, obsolete before completed?

You need to be re-trained, re-cast for

The needs of a future that flows like a river.

Over the falls we go.

All traditional philosophical issues have been resolved.

The advanced creatures have arrived,

And they want you.

You, my friend, are a barrel of replaceable parts.

You are ordered and back ordered.

You do not need to pack your bags.

You do not need to bring anything with you

all is provided.

The space-buses have arrived.

The Earth is a gene warehouse,

And you are inventory.

You were told long ago, and

Some of you noticed the message:

"I brought you life, and life in abundance."

Business is good. Merry Christmas.

John B. Manimas, March 2021

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