Social Science


I am sitting here today eating tomatoes from my garden

and it is hotter than a witch's twitter.

I don't care because the clouds are as soft as angora.

I am old and smart enough, finally, not to worry.

I probably don't hear a third of what you say

but that is just fine because if two-thirds

of what you say is worth hearing,

you are doing better than most.

Actually, if you say anything important,

I will remember it for the rest of my life,

like the math teacher, Mr. Launer,

who said,

"It's not a question of what you want to do;

it's a question of what needs to be done."

So there you have it.

You took the risk of reading a poem,

and now you understand the mystery of life.

Not bad for two minutes of light concentration.


                       John S. Medeiros, July 2019

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