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Work completed 2015 -- History, Geometry, Religion, a Message from the Distant Past: see "Solitu Contents" at the Quick See Directory.

----->JULY 2015

The mixed topics of JManimas Democracy Magazine are suspended as of June, 2015. Ongoing topics in geometry, trigonometry and mathematics will hereafter be listed under the SOLITU heading and added to the SOLITU Plus Table of Contents. New topics in politics and economics will be listed and added under the new heading of: Ideas For Democracy. (IF Democracy)


----->Contents for June 2015

The (scientific) Secret of Life in the Universe (SOLITU Contents) has been re-discovered.

Found through 40 years of faith and research into the Message from Atlantis passed forward by the Pythagoreans, Plato and Aristotle.


----->Contents for May 2015

The story of (my Death).

My hypothesis on the mechanics of (Dolphin Speech).


----->Contents for April 2015

A Wolf Dog in a Chicken Coop and Why People See (UFOs Occasionally).

Revising the Cosmological Interpretation of (Einstein's Mathematics).

(SPECIAL) A Free Market System (Requires Labelling) for the sovereign consumer.

(SPECIAL) Try the (Mystery Burger) like food in a supermarket.


----->Contents for March 2015

For Elaine Morgan, her works: (Promothea) of the Gods.

Not the 10 Commandments but The (Ten Flaws) of human beings.

Universe B (SOLITU C), Contemplate the (Difference in B) .


----->Contents for February 2015

SOLITU Table of (Contents)

SOLITU B (Clues) to a Mystery in Plain Sight


----->Contents for January 2015

The (Causes of War) a book review/response, 6 pages

The Secret of Life (in the Universe) SOLITU A, Introduction


----->Contents for December 2014

What are? (Tokens) of Membership. 4 pages

Do you dream of (Monsters) Dressed in a Corporate Veil? 2 pages


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