Ideas For Democracy . . . Table of Contents. This is the work of John Manimas Medeiros, but no copyrights shall be claimed here -- in the spirit of real democracy.

IFD = IF Dee = IF Democracy, and means IF Americans stop resisting democracy, we could transform the American dysfunctional political process into a real democracy, like the founders of the U.S.A. intended.

1] Transform the Two-Party Plutocracy, a form of tyranny, into a multi-party system.

2] Develop intensive and extensive protection for the right to vote and a legitimate electoral process.

3] Discuss, define and protect the economic rights of American citizens. Develop programs that enable full employment of all able to work and identify candidates for civil service and military service appointments.

4] Build a cooperative relationship between private industrial and commercial enterprise and the labor force.

5] Develop a free-market economic system that removes government involvement in business and business involvement in government.

6] By law legislators may receive requests, suggestions, comments, or advice only from individual citizens and not from any business entity.

7] Require that all expenditures of tax funds be identified by amount and purpose. No taxation without accounting.

8] Improve public education and assure that public education is dedicated to educating citizens and not to employee training programs. Require that employers pay for specific employment skills training, not the taxpayers.

9] Develop effective programs to discourage drug abuse and drug addiction.

10] Develop rules for candidates for legislative and executive positions in order to prevent the election of destructive or incompetent persons to public office.


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