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----->Contents for this issue (December, 2009)

Social Science: The (Divided Mind) of Humankind (7 pages)


----->Contents for this issue (November, 2009)

Social Science: The Value of (Behaviorism) (21 pages)


----->Contents for this issue (October, 2009)

Government: Maybe (Nations) Stink


----->Contents for this issue (September, 2009)

Economics: (Total Cost Accounting) Is this the most effective Green policy?

Economics: (Chemically Caused Immune System Failure) The coming abominations and desolation.

Economics: (Absolute Liability) Why should you pay for chemical product disasters?

September 10, 2009, the geometry issue: How the (Mathematicians Failed) Civilization


----->Contents for this issue (August, 2009)

Religion: (Correcting the Council of Nicea) ----> or (Desiderata) - advice from an angel

Religion: (The Religion and the Church).

Economics: Creating the (Social Alliance) Corporation. Solution #3, after Three Ridiculous Economic Ideas (May 2009)


----->Contents for this issue (July, 2009)

Religion: (My Soul in Space) ----> or (Old poem and new)

Religion: What (Freedom of Religion) Really Means.


----->Contents for this issue (June, 2009)

Special Feature science: (Discovery of Meaning)

Economics: (Who Creates Poverty?)

Fiction/Entertainment: Jeremy (Porter759) Goes for a Walk.

Smoke Eater #2: (The Abortion Issue) smoke over babies.


----->Contents for this issue (May, 2009)

Special Feature religion: (Church of Christ)

Special Feature: A Child, (a Particle) and pi. The story behind this jmanimas website.

Citizen Participation: The (Five Spice) Club: to create a democratic multi-party system.

Economics: Three Ridiculous (Economic Ideas)

Economics: The (Shoe in the Gears)


----->Contents for this issue (April, 2009): -------> [Coming in May: A Child, a Particle and pi]

Special Feature science: (Shape of Atom) Equals Process of Universe? Copyright 2009.

Special Feature religion: Interpretation of a Text and the Method of (Dissonant Parables) Copyright 2009

Entertainment: (Don Quijote of the Knights Templar) Copyright 2009

Education: (The Fountains of Fruth:) sharing the autistic experience. Copyright 2009


----->Contents for this issue (March, 2009):

Democracy: First Principles of Democracy --> (Principles of Democracy) Copyright 2009.

Special Features: short short story: (She Liked the Fish) and (Five Loaves, Two Fishes: ) Was Jesus a Mason? Copyright 2009

Poetry: The Saucerer --> (The Saucerer) Copyright 1990. [An Islamic Struggle Poem?]

Coming in April: Who was Don Quixote Really? A Knight? What kind of a Knight?

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----->Contents for (February, 2009):


Are You a Captive Customer? --> (Captive Customer) Copyright 2009. Don't bother your busy little head with market decisions.


Is (Fire Monkey) more accurate than "Homo Sapiens"? Copyright 2009

In Heaven Forever --> (Heaven Forever) Copyright 2009 (A Work in RSR) Do good people really go to heaven?


----->Contents for the first issue (January, 2009):

Special Features: Science

A Theory of Electromagnetic Propulsion and the Incredible Horse-shit Clock (TEP and Horse Clock) The scent of a tick; the drop of a tock.

Special Features: Religion

The Cosmic Lie - a story (Cosmic Lie) Are you saved? Are you sure?

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