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--> "Religion for Adults" video [on YouTube] and two principles - five questions guide.

--> Idea and theme of this JManimas website: Good Stewardship is a law of the universe.

--> Book: The Primacy of Stewardship : The Handbook for Christians Who Believe in Democracy

--> JMDM 2015. Or JMD Mag for: (JMDM 2015), (JMDM 2014) (JMDM 2013), (JMDM 2012), (JMDM 2011), (JMDM 2010), (JMDM 2009).

----->July, 2010 Key Work: -----> A Comprehensive Thesis of the Human Identity: Pitfalls of a Technological Animal (The Good Steward Versus the Voramon) (35 pages + links) -- With this essay I bring to a stage of completion my life-long development of a thesis of the human identity that is consistent with both science and religion.

----->July, 2015 Key Work: -----> SOLITU: the Hiram Key and constructing pi exactly as a straight line. My life-long project to prove the Pythagoreans knew pi exactly.

--> NEW WORK: SOLITU: constructing pi exactly as a straight line.

--> OLD WORK: Precision is the essence of truth. An excursion into geometry, trigonometry and proportion.

"Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of Life's longing for itself." -- Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet

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