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A comprehensive thesis of the human identity that is consistent with both science (natural selection) and religion (the good steward)

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Suppose that a civilization of superior beings wanted to send a teacher to us to tell us what we need to know, teach us scientific truths about how intelligent beings, or technological animals, can survive and thrive in the real, physical universe, not for the purpose of "going to heaven," a heaven that may or may not be real, but to endure indefinitely in the one physical universe? What if I followed the advice of Erich von Daniken, who wrote Chariots of the Gods? and I reviewed the scriptures of my religion looking for evidence of hard science, evidence of accurate information about life in the universe as opposed to ancient moral philosophy or meditations on the "inner life"? The result would be and is this book: The Primacy of Stewardship

Science and Religion must be friends or they will destroy one another, and all of us in the process. Do you like (nutshells) ?

A Course of Controversy in Science and Religion: (Eight Books on Science and Religion) that will improve your understanding of the issues.

(Who Cares) about The Primacy of Stewardship ? [ ISBN 9780982186015 ] : public (presentations).

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Who will win the war between democracy and theocracy? Arm yourself now, with knowledge, before it's too late.


A series in 18 parts Survival of the Good Steward, -- Naming my religion: I am (Athenion) ... Am I an (Expert) ?

My religious self-definition is "scientific religionist." What does this mean? (Meaning of Scientific Religionist)



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Before reading or rejecting this book, please look at the (Guide for Studying) the New Testament Gospels as a Scientific Document.

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Serious democracy requires serious equality.

The truth is the same no matter whence it came.

Matthew Chapter 13: The Pearl of Great Price

45. Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant in search of fine pearls.

46. When he finds a single pearl of great price, he goes and sells all that he has and buys it.

See the (Pearl of Great Price) found by the kingdom of heaven

The Sower Who Throws Seeds on Rocks and by the Wayside ----> See how (Heaven is Like a Farmer) who sows seed randomly

See Blake's (Image of God) using geometry to create the world (with a compass)

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