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Work in progress -- History, Geometry, Religion, a Message from the Distant Past.

----->Contents for December 2014

What are? (Tokens) of Membership. 4 pages

Do you dream of (Monsters) Dressed in a Corporate Veil? 2 pages


----->Contents for November 2014

The (Fundamental Flaw) in Modern Economics. 6 pages

Have you ever seen? An Event That (Occurred Only Once) ? 2 pages


----->Contents for October 2014

Simian Exercens Machina: (Machine Operators).


----->Contents for September 2014

My Share in the (Apocalypse).


----->Contents for August 2014 Working Vacation - there is progress.

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----->Contents for July 2014 a petition for the revolutionary month of July:

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----->Contents for June 2014

The (Threshold) Theory of Light (2 pages)

Dogma in Science (Dogma 101) (2 pages)


----->Contents for May 2014

No Time is (Spacetime)

The Two-Party Problem - Our (Alternative Party) System


----->Contents for April 2014

The Better Science of an (Amateur)


----->Contents for March 2014

The Legend of the (Red Sea Scrolls)

How to Vote in (Your Own Interest)


----->Contents for February 2014

A Critical and Respectful (View of the Masons)


----->Contents for January 2014

Problems in Theoretical (Theoretical Physics)


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