The history of western civilization is based on a mistake.

My mission: to teach the Informational Gospel - the message intended is scientific information.

Based on the premise that we humans can take care of ourselves and the life-supporting environment only when we understand the physical reality as it really is, I endeavor to persuade my neighbors that we need to correct three important errors:

---> A) Jesus taught evolutionary science -- survival of the good steward is survival of the fittest. Hence, my book: The Primacy of Stewardship: The Handbook for Christians Who Believe in Democracy.

---> B) Time is a fiction of consciousness. There is no "fabric of space-time" to travel through. Hence my "Time Works" list and links.

---> C) In the world of geometry and mathematics I noticed (in high school) a profoundly important error in the doctrines of mathematicians, that is, the Euclidean circle. The error is the Eclidean circle cannot exist in the real, physical world. The Euclidean circle is in irreconcialible conflict with the concept of a "smallest possible particle" and with the universally accepted mathematical "rule" that infinity times zero is still zero. Hence, the vine forest of geometry and trigonometry and the frequent references to "squaring the circle exactly" in that "genre" of my writing. The point that mathematicians WILL acknowledge before long is that the circumference of a real circular object cannot be "an infinite number of points with no dimension," and therefore, any physical object that is perceived or detected as a circle [or sphere] is in fact a regular polygon with a finite number of sides, each side definitely having a dimension. This reality makes pi variable and rational. The mathematicians hate this reality with a passion, but they will soon be compelled to get over this irrational passion.

The coherent theme of JManimas' work is a single concept with four main parts:

1) The Primacy of Stewardship.

2) The Destination of Human Knowledge

3) The Unity of Nature

4) The Intelligent Being Imperative

First: The primacy of stewardship means that stewardship, taking care of life and taking care of all that supports life, is the primary teaching of the wise and the primary role of and the primary reason for the existence of intelligent beings such as we humans on Earth. All other teachings, all other factors that have an effect on human life and that human beings struggle with, including human conceptions of personal morality and spiritual ritual, are secondary to stewardship. Good stewardship is not only a personal or corporate goal, but is a biological and natural goal. Good stewardship is the highest level of evolution for any intelligent, scientific and technological being, the highest level of the evolutionary process for any calculating, learning observer. This viewpoint on the primacy of stewardship is consistent with the tide of human thought and the history of human philosophy, which leads to the second part.

Second: By "The Destination of Human Knowledge" I mean the answer to the question: "Where does all of our human philosophy and inventory of knowledge lead us?" What is the ultimate conclusion about us, about who and what we are, based on what we have learned? My answer to this question, which I feel is clearly and certainly the correct answer, is that Good Stewardship is that destination that all of human knowledge leads us to. All the information we have that tells us who and what we are leads to the final conclusion that we are the proper caretakers of life in the universe. If we seem to be unsuited to that purpose and role in the present, that is because we have yet to evolve further toward that highest level of intelligent being. Our flaws and defects do not make us permanently unworthy, but more like a child in training. We may need more control over our emotions, greater power in our ability to reason and follow the advice of reason. But this would mean only that we evolve, like all of life, and our ability to fill the role of good steward improves through the evolutionary process. We are not separate from other living things. We are not special beings who have been given, or who should claim, dominion over other living things. Our role and duty is not dominion, but service. We are here to be the servants of life, not the rulers over life. No form of life evolves separately from all of the other living forms. Life evolves, and through evolution all of the living things come into being, but we are all one form in that we are all Life. This is affirmed by human science, especially the science of biology and genetics. The separate being of the individual is a fiction of consciousness that is necessary for an intelligent being to be a student, one who studies that which is external to the living organism. But the intelligent student can also study itself, that which is internal to the living organism of the calculating, learning observer. This viewpoint on the destination of human knowledge is consistent with the tide of human thought and the history of human philosophy, and the teachings of Jesus Christ and Gautama Buddha, which leads to the third part.

Third: By "The Unity of Nature" I mean that much of human thought leads us astray through the mazes and labyrinths of human imagination. The human imagination is a two-edged sword that helps us discover the truth but also leads us into egotistical and self-defeating excursions into imaginary worlds where we endeavor to make our creative thoughts or mental images into physical reality. Human language fills the function of organizing concepts and thoughts, but it is free to invent according to the activities of the imagination. Therefore, humans often commit crimes against both language and reason by making statements where words are given new definitions but are not openly identified as different from the usual use of the word. This form of subversion of language is also subversion of reason and learning. The point of this part of the theme, is that human language, like human reason, is a "cutter" or a "cisor" as in "incisor." The human mind is designed to cut or divide the sensed environment into separate parts so that the brain can cope with the complex processes of Nature, observe, calculate, and learn. Turn to any knowledge about human senses and the human brain and one of the most fundamental concepts of human neurology is that the brain must sort sensory data before examining it. The brain functions by selecting only certain data to be compiled and categorized and integrated with other data. The opposite, the inability to select and sort sensory reception produces autism and other forms of mental disease that seriously disable the individual human being from functioning normally. This tool or process of separation or dividing the whole into parts is absolutely necessary in order for the human brain to function. This essential tool also enables humans, in combination with the human imagination, to create separations or separate parts that do not exist in the real physical universe. Thus, to better explain what I mean by "crimes against both language and reason" I mean the act of a scientist making a statement such as "there may be many universes." This is a crime against language and reason, and against human knowledge, because the word "universe" is originally intended to convey, and still does convey, the concept of "one action" or "one word" or "one being" and its true linguistic meaning is that which "encompasses all that exists." The universe is not a galaxy and not a "realm" or a phenomenon that exists within a larger setting. The universe is the Universe, the Big Setting, the ultimate and final setting for all that exists. The word "universe" means, precisely, that which has nothing outside of it. Mathematically speaking, the set that is the Universe, does not exist within a larger set. The universe is the largest set. All other sets exist within the universe.

Another common crime against language and reason is when conventional scientists as well as alternative scientists or "new agers" assert that there are different "realms" or different "planes" of reality, different levels of consciousness, or a separate spiritual world or separate consciousness that is in some way outside of the real physical world, or in any case in some way separate from the Nature that we know in our "every-day world." This pattern of speaking and thinking is related to some of the mystical concepts of "time" that are asserted by conventional physicists and astronomers. They make statements like the more or less famous statement "a tear in the fabric of time." Similarly, scientists, and science fiction writers refer to "wormholes" where one can leave one "section" of time and enter into a different world in another form or section of "time." All of these expressions are crimes against reason, because they all imply that the universe is comprised of different "worlds" and the laws of nature are different in some way, sometimes in specific ways that are dramatically different from the Laws of Nature that we know in our "every-day" real physical world. These kinds of statements are great offenses against human progress because by these statements persons in positions of authority are indulging their imaginations and presenting their imaginary worlds and personal fantasizing as descriptions of Nature or Reality. All of this is wrong. It is wrong because it implies a disunity and a set of separate realities that is not documented by any sound method and that "cuts" or "divides" the One Reality of Nature into separate parts without any scientific basis for doing so. The only basis for presenting or peddling such "other realms" is human uncertainty and confusion when we are confronted with things that we do not understand. We do not need to extinguish or even inhibit the human imagination, but it should be subjected to some discipline, and that means all scientists should openly acknowledge that no matter how complex the real universe might be, there is only one universe, and all that occurs within it are subject to the laws of One Nature or the laws of the universe. And, if events are observed that appear to be controlled by laws or processes that we do not understand, or are not consistent with the laws and processes we do recognize, it is not proper to claim that these unexplained events are evidence of "another universe" or "wormholes in time" or "other planes." Scientists, and everyone, should just admit that our understanding of the rules of Nature, or of Nature itself, is incomplete and does not enable us to explain everything that we observe. We observe some things that cause us to imagine that there might be "other worlds," within the Largest Set that we call The Universe, but, no matter how complex or misunderstood the laws of Nature may appear to be at times, there is only One Nature and only One Universe that encompasses all things. All events that occur, occur here, in the same Universe occupied by us. There is nothing that prevents us from understanding everything other than our own limitations. Each of our brains is perhaps a separate world of individual thought, but all of us exist as one in the Unity of Nature. As individuals, and as a group, we are called upon to meet our destiny as good stewards. This brings us to the fourth part.

Fourth: By "The Intelligent Being Imperative" I mean that since the highest form of life is a community of intelligent beings who are good stewards, intelligent beings cannot fulfill their role as good stewards unless they possess an accurate understanding of how the universe works. It is imperative that we understand Nature's technology accurately and precisely in order to be good stewards. It is imperative that we understand that our technology, our mathematics, is not Nature's technology. Our mathematics is a human cultural invention. We must understand completely the reality that Nature uses proportion and proportion only to accomplish all that it accomplishes. Nature does not measure or count; it just is. Nature has no number system. The binary number system, thought during the twentieth century to be Nature's number system because of the apparent binary quality of electrical currents and genetic code, is not Nature's number system. Nature recognizes proportion and proportion only. Though not really a number system, proportion is the only mechanism by which Nature recognizes differences, such as differences in length, weight, mass, pressure and so on. By Natural Law, proportion functions as though it were a number system. However, no number system is necessary and therefore no number system is invented by Nature until intelligent beings evolve and then intelligent beings use number systems because intelligent beings must count and measure in order to develop and apply their own technology. To many, this idea will be deemed trivial, just a semantic argument, one of hundreds of philosophical propositions that have little bearing on physics or chemistry or astronomy or human aspirations. However, the essence of the message to the world from this JManimas website is that if the human species does not immediately recognize and act upon the great differences between human technology and Nature's technology, we will perish. Whoever records our history will state that our species was terminated by suicide.

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