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Go to for website statistics. This website statistical record includes elaborate measurements of types of hits and visits and from where and how. From its start through December 2011, this jmanimas site had 5,000 to 8,000 hits per month.

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The J Manimas website started in December of 2000, continuously hosted by Sovernet until 2015 and later by Tidal Media Group.

Chronological history of the site:

For many years the site was simple and its development slow and clumsy, primarily because it is "home made" by the owner/author using the most basic HTML code with only a few images added from sources believed to be in the public domain, as well as a several photo images created by the author.

The geometry of "squaring the circle": (2000 -2005 - 2007)

Until 2007, there was a more or less obvious focus on the ancient "squaring the circle" riddle and geometry and trigonometry and the Pythagoreans and the Great Pyramid, including an ongoing interest in the Masons and their role in all of this -- see the [G] and William Blake's drawing of God creating the universe with a compass. The reason for this is that in 1957, when I was in Geometry class, the only course of study in which I received a grade of "A+," I noticed that the definition of a circle was strictly theoretical and had to be wrong. This is still the definition of the circle, and of pi, that mathematicians defend with irrational passion. I questioned that definition always, and so I studied geometry and trigonometry carefully for years, including some calculus, and the Great Pyramid, and whatever history of the Masons is out there, much of it deliberately concealed or misinformed, I suspect. The conclusion I came to is that one can "square the circle" exactly because there is a real, physical circle, and a real, physical circle is in fact a regular polygon, because of the reality that there is a smallest possible particle. My intensive attention to this problem led me to the conclusion that the original purpose of the riddle was not to address an issue of geometric construction, but to use the realities of geometric construction to point to and defend the doctrine that there is a smallest possible particle. Unless the mathematicians have melted and begun to acknowledge that the Euclidean definition of a circle is not real, when you search for definitions of a circle, either in math books or online, you will find always something like this: A circle is a line composed of an infinite number of points, each point having no dimension(s), and each point being equidistant from a single (central) point. This sounds very good, even wonderful. In fact, this is not a statement that qualifies as "physics" because it is not a description of something that exists and is physically real. A point with "no dimensions" equals zero, and a million times zero, or a billion or infinity times zero still equals zero. This gives our "Euclidean" circle a circumference of zero, not pi. The cause of this institutionalized doctrine is because as much or more of ancient Greek writing was lost or burned than all the Bibles and Gospels. The ancient Greeks had a philosophy of "ideals" that proposed all ideas or concepts had an "ideal" form. And, the definition of "a circle" that has been accepted by the institution of mathematics for centuries is in fact an "ideal form" and not a real object. So, I do not apologize or back down from my original instinct or my position. The definition of the circle accepted and defended by the institution of mathematics is GARBAGE, and it constitutes a betrayal of society by all mathematicians who defend this trash. But that is only one error to be corrected, and not the most important one.

Moving on to time, light, space and number: (2005 -- 2007 -- 2010)

The geometry and math was just practice. The real issue is do we understand the universe properly? This is very important, because if we do not understand the universe properly we will not be able to take care of it, which is our natural role and destiny -- to be the caretakers or good stewards of one another and the life-supporting environment. A study of the real, physical world naturally causes one to consider what is "time." What is "light." What is "number." If one is not willing or able to wade through my material on these topics, here is a summary:

Time: Time is a fiction of consciousness. Nature does not require "time" in order to do anything that it does. No one can talk about time without making reference to an occurrence of a cyclical event that appears to us to have exactly equal intervals for all cycles that are completed. Time is the counting of cyclical events. Our brains do this, count cyclical events. Nature does not, does not need to. Time exists in the consciousness of a calculating, learning observer. Not outside of a brain. See "Time Works" link.

The Spiral Path Theory of Light: It took a lot of time and struggle with description to map this out, and I do question it, but it is interesting and worth consideration. What I would love is to have it tested to see if it is consistent with the impact of the various frequencies and wavelengths of radiation. If it works as described, then it would be an extremely useful mathematical tool.

Number: I propose that Nature's number system is proportion and only proportion, and the binary number system visible in nature, in genes and electronics, is simply a special case of proportion that is effective. In the process of my intensive study of trigonometry and the binary number system, I discovered what I call the "super-binary" number system and a fascinating quality in the concept of "proportion." The super-binary number system is described in "The Pyramid Mark." Essentially, one can construct a number line that represents, accurately, any decimal value, using only a compass and straightedge. Later, I noticed that what we call the "quadratic equation" possesses marvelous abilities when it is treated as the quadratic construction -- meaning constructing line lengths using the quadratic equation as a template for construction of lines rather than as a formula for solving other mathematical problems. When we use the quadratic construction this way, there are no "minus" value lines, every "solution" either plus or minus, represents a line length, and a line length is always a positive line length. The results of this approach is that we can construct a line length, using the quadratic construction, that is ANY TARGET PROPORTION to a given line length. This application of the quadratic construction therein serves as a method to express number, all numbers, as lines, or as proportions. I have concluded that this is nature's true number system, and that is why the construction of the pentagon and the golden ratio (1.618033988...) begins with construction of triangle height that is twice the base. The original purpose of this Pythagorean construction is not to show us either how to construct a pentagon or how to see the golden ratio, but something more, to point to Proportion, the number system of nature.

On to the real motive for this website -- the true Gospel teaching: (2007 -- 2010 --->)

Yes, the work on time, light and number is also still practice, for the true reason for this website: to invite the world to consider what I heard Jesus teaching -- again way back in 1958 -- in the Gospels: Survival of the good steward is survival of the fittest. My book is an imitation of Jesus in that I extend an invitation and I cannot force anyone to accept or ignore the invitation. The response is yours. Jesus taught evolutionary science and how the evolutionary process will operate upon us. This may seem to be a very different viewpoint, but it is wise to consider viewpoints that are different. It might be the right interpretation of what the Gospels were trying to convey to us long ago.

From here on: (2011--->)

The purpose of this website is to continue the invitation, and offer all the ordinary people of the world -- the audience that Jesus aimed at -- a chance to understand what the Gospels really mean, and how the original message is science, not morality. The task seems enormous, marketing a book by an unknown author, who proposes an idea that is the reverse of what people have believed for more than a thousand years, translations, promotions, reviews. Where will it come from? Who will do all this? In God I trust.

In December 2011, I sharpened the focus of the website. I also added the PDF file of The Case Against a President's War which I wrote and distributed in 1968 following eighteen months of research into this issue, because every American needs to understand the legal difference between a national war and a foreign policy war or president's war, and what is meant by "conscription without representation."

May through December 2013: much work and planning major addition to my website in 2014, related to "The Secret of Life in the Universe."

2014-2016: Updates to SOLITU, the Unification Construction added to The Secret of Life in the Universe, other revisions included essays on time and economics, political science, and the Real Democracy Party and Revolution by Vote. Efforts to make site more navigable, user friendly.

Late in 2015 I got deeply concerned with the lack of real democracy in our "two-party" elections system. Through a long and bumpy process I learned more and posted more about the "four lethal flaws" in our election system, and then I hatched a plan to create a political party (Real Democracy Party, RDP) and posted numerous policy ideas on the RDP website from late 2015 through 2020. I wanted to arouse the 40% of "non-voters" to get involved and cast ballots against the two-party system and for specified elections reforms, including mandatory voting. In the world of Dictator Trumpolini and the COVID-19 pandemic, in October of 2020 I started my return to my true loves: science and religion, time, literature, poetry, leaves, clouds and the entire natural enviornment, which we human fools are destroying. Hence, back to the "mindstream of John Manimas." Thanks for any attention at all, or conversation if you wish.

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