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Time is a fiction of consciousness.  We are technological animals because we make things, and we make things because we perceive past, present and future, and we categorize our records, that is our memories, as causes and effects.  Entertaining short stories and essays in support of this theory are posted in (Time Works)


10/13/20:  I have sent out my message regarding democracy.  I am happy to return to science and religion.  First:  Quantum physics states that the behavior of matter (or a particle) is affected, that is changed, by an observer when it is observed.  It sounds kind of logical.  How could tiny particles not be affected when giant human beings muck around with their enormous bodies and huge measuring instruments.  But there is a very serious problem with this theory.  Who among you has observed the behavior of matter when that matter was NOT BEING OBSERVED?  Kind of impossible, right!  Therefore, since we have no data on what matter does when it is not being observed, we have no means to compare it with the behavior of matter when it is being observed.  "You, J. M. are not a physicist," someone says, contemptuously.  I say back, even more contemptuously:  "The truth is the same no matter whence it came."  Observe that, and be enlightened.  "Anyone who speaks the truth, delivers a message from the highest authority."  


10/12/20:  I feel that I am deeply committed to equal rights, but I belong to a small group.  I am heterosexual and respect women, even admire many of them.  I am not now and never have been a drug addict.  I have not committed a crime.  I am kind of white but my DNA is "Iberian" and Southern Europe so I am tan and when I was a child and played outdoors all summer I got as brown as a paper bag.  In terms of my social and medical history I would be described as "normal."  I have traveled a bit and lived in another country for a while but I have not gone on lots of vacation trips.  I am not now and have never been rich.  My parents and other adult relatives were "animated" but not destructive.  I did not live a life of selfishness and grasping after money, or power, and I do not need to tell the world that I have discovered the "joys of family" after having neglected my family for years.  I am not gay or bi-sexual and I am not physically disabled.  I have a few Facebook friends but not 5,000.  I have behaved well and tried to be responsible for myself and responsible to others.  I did not make a million dollars in the rat race of a city and then move to the country in order to be real, or organic.  I do not take down cell towers but I do recycle my paper and aluminum.  I look for cleaning products that will not poison fish or insects.  I have a hobby.  I would like you to get in touch with me if you are one of the six other people who belong to my little group.


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