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Can a major party (Democrat or Republican)

form a coalition with another political party?



They can do so whenever they want to.  They would do so if their voters wanted them to do so.  THEY HAVE DONE IT BEFORE, in Schenectady, NY, 1913.


Look at the history around George Lunn, the popular Socialist mayor of Schenectady, NY, 1911 - 1915.   Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Emil Seidel, Daniel Hoan, Frank Zeidler) and Bridgeport, Connecticut (Jasper McLevy) also had Socialist majors in the early 20th century.  Twenty-five states had socialist mayors during the twentieth century.  In Schenectady, the two major parties, Democrat and Republican, and a third minor party, Progressives, formed a "Fusion" ticket and offered one candidate to oppose George Lunn.  The Fusion opposition to Lunn won in 1913, but Lunn ran again in 1915 and won.  No one questioned the right of the three political parties to join together to elect a candidate or promote a political platform.


(Information from Wikipedia, Labor and the Schenectady Daily Gazette)


This occurred before the American capitalist nobility used propaganda to discredit all forms of social-justice ideas.  Lunn had started his political career as a fiery reformist preacher.  His personal political platform was the same social justice that has been a common interpretation of the teaching of Jesus Christ.  Also, back then, the Socialists were more wild.  They appeared to be connected with foreign communists and advocated extremist policies.  For example, on the national level in the U. S. A., the 1912 Socialist Party advocated collective ownership of large scale industries, safety inspection of all workplaces, abolition of the U. S. Senate and alteration of the Supreme Court.  Back then, the American Socialists competed for peaceful votes when the Socialists in Europe were armed revolutionaries.  Lunn was successful on a practical level while advocating some of the same political reforms as the more famous radical socialist figures of American history, such as Emma Goldman, Big Bill Haywood, and Eugene V. Debs.  Lunn was less radical, but he got elected and served in public office where the more radical, and uncompromising, agitators never got the chance to demonstrate their ability to exercise the legitimate power of public office.  Lunn is an earlier version of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, a responsible and successful Socialist whose first office was Mayor of Burlington, Vermont.  A revolution by voting is better than a revolution by violence.  We have to vote against the Two-Party System, an old vehicle stuck in deep shit, in order to save ourselves, our country, and the Earth itself.   


Rise up and Resist! Join the (Purple Gang) to create no-safe-district for the nobility's two-party scam.


We must change our laws to assure the freedom to (integrate).


Rise up and Resist! Support the (Policy and Programs) Election Funding System.


Important note on write-in votes as Defensive Voting

A write-in vote is a defensive voting strategy.  It is illegal to discard or disqualify a write-in vote because the intent of the voter would be recognized as clear and beyond question by any state court.  To discard or disqualify a write-in vote against the two-party system is a direct violation of one's First Amendment right to free speech and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.  If the Real Democracy Party appeared as a printed choice on a ballot that could be "checked" or selected in some way, the election authorities could disqualify the ballot using the common excuse of "stray marks," added by them.  This is a common tactic for voter suppression by election authorities: altering ballots so that they can be disqualified.  This may have been practiced as early as 1960, and was definitely done in Florida in 2000 and probably in Ohio in 2004, in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania in 2016.  The write-in vote is the best defense against voter suppression by the Two-party Tyrant.


What you are (Voting For) when you write-in Real Democracy Party or John Manimas.


WORKING ASSETS: Party Organization (Task List) and Planning Notes for 2017.


WHAT:  The Revolution by Vote is a plan FOR the American people to use their voting power to get off the Two-party (Seesaw) and create a real democracy as was intended by the founders AND the original three million colonists.


HOW:  There are three main (Voting Programs) of the Real Democracy Party, consistent with the voters demanding party coalitions and vote sharing in a multi-party system (VDPCP).


WHY:  The voters are the (Fourth Branch) of government who employ the other three branches, and it is true and correct as James Madison advised the newborn nation in Federalist Paper #10 that the best antidote to the destructive power of factions is to have a MULTI-PARTY SYSTEM.


WHEN:  Like, right now!  Take it away!  Give this (Business Card) or verbally identify the "stewardshipdemocracy" website whenever the mess caused by the two-party disaster is mentioned.


Chat with a neighbor or friend -- the first and best way to (participate) in the VDPCP Revolution by Vote Plan.


Check out our (Dreams and Plans) for 2017.


In November 2016 you could have written in your vote for John Manimas

for President of the United States in order to vote against the

subversive Two-Party Tyranny and FOR Real Democracy. THIS IS NOT A VOTE FOR A THIRD PARTY !!!




Sample of legal write-in (Ballot).


Campaign Opening Message #1: Stop suppression of black and poor white voters -- see videos on YouTube Channel primacycinema.


Campaign Message #2 of write-in candidate John Manimas: First Recommendation for National and (Foreign Policy). (2 pages) [Not a basic RDP principle]


Campaign Message #3 of write-in candidate John Manimas: Do We Want an Opinion Storm or a Real (Plan for Democracy). (2 pages) [Not a basic RDP principle]


Campaign Message #4 of write-in candidate John Manimas: HOW any west coast state can (Save the World) in November 2016 -- or 2020! (2 pages) [YES! a basic RDP principle]


Campaign Message #5 of write-in candidate John Manimas: HOW the "no accident" theory of American history shows that Donald Trump will be elected President by the Congress and Confederated Republican (States for Trump) in November 2016. (3 pages) [YES! a basic RDP principle]


WHAT IS REAL DEMOCRACY? ----- Real Democracy is where accurate elections identify the true majority and the majority exercises all the power of government to make all the rules for all the people. Participation means taking the responsibility of government and imposing the will of the majority. Participation does not mean expressing your opinion or stating what you like in music, art or food. Participation does not mean marching or protesting or demonstrating or occupying or texting or tweeting. In a real democracy, the majority accepts and uses the police power of the state for the benefit of all.


WHAT SHOULD WE DO? ----- I believe we should use the election process of November 2016 to start the change from the Two-party Disaster to Real Democracy. I am a write-in candidate for President of the United States and my political party is the Real Democracy Party. It is all explained in 8 pages of text and in my YouTube video entitled "Vote for Real Democracy" accessible at or when you search for "John Manimas." Please let others know about this. I have observed the two parties and American politics since 1956. Little change is accomplished by marching, posters, protests, even letters to members of Congress. Even the civil rights movement of the 1960's had limited success: African Americans are stilled "lynched" by bullet in the 21st century, and racism is still the most toxic poison in American society. Therefore, my purpose is to offer something new and different, a real method, a revolution by vote, change the system so that political parties must negotiate and compromise in order to assemble a new, real majority that has the legitimacy to rule: the majority rules is real democracy. The most important reality that you need to remember is that the Two-party Partnership will not pay attention to you until they see themselves being voted out of office. On November 8th you can vote for the Democrat, or the Republican, or you can write in "John Manimas" in order to get their attention and let them know you have had enough of the Two-party Tyranny. Decide now, before it's too late. You will be astounded by the events that will come to pass between now and November 8th. Best regards, John Manimas Medeiros.


See the press release: Will Millions Vote Against the Two-party Disaster? (Real Democracy Story)


1)  The (Seven Principles) of the Real Democracy Party.  (1 page)


2)  The Four Lethal Flaws of the (Two-Party Disaster).  (2 pages)


Documents listed here are in the public domain and may be copied and shared.

See the Vote for Real Democracy videos at You Tube channel: primacycinema: (YouTube) .


3)  The (Four Steps) and why they will occur.  (2 pages)


4)  The Four Disasters and Fifth (Prophecy). (1 page)


The Real Democracy Party or Movement may operate like a secret society;

therefore, some members will not identify themselves as members.


5)  The qualifications of John Manimas: (Resume).  (1 page)


6)  Why I am (Running) for President. (1 page)

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7)  Platform of the candidate John Manimas:  his views on the issues and his proposed solutions, being his (POSITION PAPERS) only and not the definition or platform of the Real Democracy Party.  The principles of the Real Democracy Party are fully and unconditionally supported by John Manimas, but the position papers of John Manimas are not necessarily the platform positions of the Real Democracy Party.  (8 pages, links)


8)  Organization and (Membership) notes.  (2 pages)


We can vote for a return to our original multi-party system with vote donation

and party coalitions and implementation of the will of the majority.


9)  Donation Management.  Restricted (Expenditures).  (1 page)


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Rise up and Resist! Join the (Purple Gang) to create no-safe-district for the nobility's two-party scam.


HOW TO replace the Two-Party Scam, and why, simply by voting as the (Fourth Branch) of government.


Jump off the Two-Party Tyranny Train before it's too late (A Train) and learn about the VDPCP Revolution by Vote Plan.


Chat with a neighbor or friend -- the first and best way to (participate) in the VDPCP Revolution by Vote Plan.


Why did John Manimas devote 44 years to looking for the answers to (four questions) ?


A Sense of History: We live in the (Aftermath) of the Age of Self-destruction


Who is John Manimas? How and why did he write the plan for a Revolution by Vote: (Bio Interview).


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