Best brief story of what SOLITU and constructing pi as a straight line is about: The (Religion of Mathematicians) (7 pages)

SOLITU  Part N for SOLITU News Release:  What is this about? (Synopsis) (2 pages)

SOLITU Table of Contents. Copyright 2015, John Manimas Medeiros (68) pages

SOLITU  Part A:  What is the Narrow Gate? . . . Enter the (Narrow Gate) (1)

SOLITU Part B:  Clues to a Mystery in Plain Sight . . . Contemplate the (Clues) (1)

SOLITU Part C:  Universe B . . . Contemplate the (Difference in B) (2)

SOLITU Part D: Construction Tools and Drawings List (SOLITU D) (18)

Experienced geometers and mathematicians will not need these detailed directions.

SOLITU Part E: New Work and Old: the meaning of this document, and "Thank You" (SOLITU E) (7)

SOLITU Part F: Construction of the Pi-lines (SOLITU F) (7)

SOLITU Part G: The Unification Construction - and Quick Verification of the Solution (SOLITU G) (11)

SOLITU Part H: The Hiram Key or Self-Reciprocal Construction (SOLITU H) (7)

SOLITU Part P: An Introduction to Evolutionary Proportion (SOLITU P) (9) + more notes on (Proportion) is Everything +(25 pages).

SOLITU Part R: A Religious History Interpretation (SOLITU R) (1)

SOLITU Part OM: Aristotle's OM (SOLITU OM) (4) . . . and Math Co-processor reports (Math Reports) .

SOLITU Plus: More articles of interest on science, math, geometry, ecology: (Solitu Plus) including my New Improved Big Bang Theory.

SOLITU END: The Pattern in pi Through the Unification Construction (G). (SOLITU END) [posted May 2, 2017].(7 pages)

and furthermore, The Grand Inizio (SOLITU Z) the creative cause of the Big Bang (4 pages)

PLEASE RECOGNIZE THE SOURCE OF THIS NEW KNOWLEDGE. If you discuss the new mathematical facts described here at this web site, identify the source of this material as John Manimas on the World Wide Web, at jmanimas . com, because the new mathematical facts shared here at jmanimas . com are the discovery of John Manimas Medeiros alone as a result of his methodical and dedicated research for a period of more than 40 years. The subject matter of the work, especially the description of how we can construct a straight line that is equal to pi exactly, was previously unknown, except that it is the position of John Manimas that this mathematical fact was known to an ancient advanced civilization, often called "Atlantis," that sent forward the message that we could construct a circle area exactly equal to the area of a given square, using only the compass and straightedge. In order to construct squares and circles exactly equal in area, we must be able to construct a straight line that is equal to pi exactly. That message was later revised to a question, or a riddle. Later, mathematicians, such as Ferdinand Lindemann (1884), said that pi was a "transcendental" number and could not be constructed, which was an error. Your courtesy shown by fair recognition of the source of this new knowledge is deeply appreciated. Read SOLITU (News) Release - 6/1/15, 1 page.

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