The Grand Inizio: The Big Bang as Unified Field Theory

The Proportional Origin of the Universe

The Unification Construction in Reverse

Copyright February 2018, John Manimas Medeiros


Question:  What caused the alleged Big Bang?


Answer:  Proportion, the Unification Construction in reverse, proportion being the fundamental force in the physical universe from which all other forces evolve.


We begin with pi:  3.1415926535897932384626433832795… or 3.141592654

Here is what occurred in the Big Bang nanosecond.  The previous state of matter was a mass of uniform particles, all particles the same size and mass, like the powder on an ancient beach.  At the instant of the Big Bang, the fundamental force in the universe, proportion, was imposed on uniform matter and that act of force of proportion changed all of the particles into different sizes and shapes. 


We began with pi, resulting in:

            3.1415926535897932384626433832795… or 3.141592654

1)  Then, pi was multiplied by 1.118, resulting in:


2)  Then, 3.5123005867133888406012353025065 was divided by 10, resulting in:


3)  Then, (400/81) or 9.8765432098765432098765432098765      

            divided by 2.6180339887498948482045868343656 *1.2

            or divided by 3.1416407864998738178455042012388

            equaling 3.1437531790132111258881742027519, was

            added to 0.35123005867133888406012353025065 resulting in:




4)  Then, 3.4949832376845500099482977330026 was multiplied by

            sqrt(cos 36) or sqrt(0.80901699437494742410229341718282)

            or by 0.89945371997393363613061379181213

            resulting in 3.143575674381911188183142418875


5)  Then, 3.143575674381911188183142418875

            was multiplied by 3.1418181818181818181818181818182

            or was multiplied by 864 and then divided by 275

            resulting in 9.8765432096944409694190365451201


6) Then, the force of proportion took the square root

            of 9.8765432096944409694190365451201

            resulting in:  3.1426968052445722638457356615535


7)  Then, 3.1426968052445722638457356615535 was divided by the sqrt of 0.5,

            or divided by 0.70710678118654752440084436210485

            resulting in:  4.4444444444444444444444444444444


            [at this point, if you have used an electronic calculator, your result may not be exact, not exactly equal to (40/9) because of the limited precision of all calculators, including electronic hand held calculators and the math processor on a common desktop computer.]


8)  Then, (40/9) was multiplied by 9, resulting in:  40


9)  Then 40 was divided by 40, resulting in:  1


10)  Then, pi and 1, and squares and circles, existed in the same physical universe, curves and straight lines lived together.  The marriage of straight and curved created the real, physical universe.  After the fundamental force of proportion created the physical universe, the other forces evolved from it, including gravity, magnetism, electromagnetic radiation and other more subtle forces discovered  ---  or imagined  ---  by physicists.


This is why we see mathematics everywhere, because proportion is everywhere.  Mathematics is our organic brain measuring and counting.  Mathematics is the way that our organic brains sense proportion in the outer world, and is essentially our detection of proportion.  The key reality is analogous to the existence of the electromagnetic spectrum and our visual image of a bouquet of flowers on a table next to a seated person.  What comprises different proportional wavelengths of the spectrum is the reality, but what we see is our detection of wavelengths, or color and shape.  The phenomenon of "higher" mathematics is entangled by intellectuals  ---  whether well-meaning or pretentious  ---  with logic and even philosophy.  I believe this kind of equating of mathematics with logic is a variation of self-important egotism among class-conscious mathematicians.  People who are good at calculating rapidly are more likely to go into the field of mathematics.  But there is no objective evidence that a particular mathematician is inherently more logical than others who are not mathematicians.  Logic is intimately related to the understanding of cause and effect, and the vast majority of human individuals possess a sense of logic and the ability to learn from experience.  For mathematics to be equated with logic is invalid.  Mathematicians are told that they are smarter than others, and unfortunately many of them believe that myth.  The truth is mathematics is the primary technology (measuring and counting, and calculating) for all other technologies, for all that we accomplish with every other technology.  We are amazed by what is accomplished by the application of mathematics, but after the math is done, everything from toothpicks to spaceships are put together by humans who are not mathematicians but who possess a strong sense of logic.


The reason the Pythagoreans posed the ancient riddle:  "Can we construct a circle equal in area to a given square using only the compass and straightedge?" was not to have us engage in a search for the solution to a geometrical puzzle.  The reason was to have us discover that they understood the origin of the real, physical universe:  proportion.  They said that "proportion is everything" and we thought that was just a trivial philosophical commentary.  It is not philosophy.  It is hard science.  Proportion is a force, the fundamental force that creates all of the forms and shapes of matter in the physical universe.  Mathematics is like vision and hearing; it is a sense, an ability in the organic human brain to detect proportion.  We are technological animals because we possess the ability to detect proportion, and talk about it. Other primates can recognize numerical objects, but they do not possess our sense of proportion and the insight into the usefulness of measuring and counting.  In order for any animal to rise to the level of human mental capacity, an individual animal would have to learn to measure and count and manufacture something, an "artifice" such as a birdhouse or at least an axe, AND THEN, teach that skill and process to their child.


Why did we, or the Big Bang, begin with pi?

Because when force is applied to undifferentiated particles, and the particles start moving, pi is the first and the simplest proportion.  The proportion of pi arises immediately as the proportional relationship between two particles.  When two particles are in the same two-dimensional plane (Note that when two particles and only two particles are taken together, they are always in a two dimensional plane.) and one particle A moves at a fixed distance from another particle B for a relatively short period of time, particle A creates a curved line that we call the circumference of a circle, with the center of the circle being point B.  In our traditional academic (Euclidean) geometry we say that the point B at the center has no dimensions, a quaint custom.  Therefore, this simplest and most likely of all proportions arises first and creates the proportion of pi, which is of course the proportion of the length of the curved circumference to the diameter, or to twice the fixed distance (the radius) maintained between points A and B.  Ooo-la-la. 


BUT, WE MUST REMEMBER that in geometry and trigonometry and in the real, physical universe all lines, straight or curved, have not been measured with a ruler, a stick with units of distance marked on it.  The proportion of the diameter to the circumference is most definitely one to pi, or 1 to 3.141592653…,  BUT the length of the diameter IS NOT one.  All we have is the proportion of the diameter to the circumference but no measured lengths.  To get to an actual straight line that has a length of 1 in relation to an actual straight line that has the length of pi, we have to go through the process of the creation of the physical universe by completing the application of the force of proportion to all of the previously uniform particles.  This is not my original idea; it comes from Aristotle, who said:  "Everything in the natural universe is composed of matter and form --- primary, inchoate material given an intelligible shape and purpose."  From Aristotle's Children, by Richard E. Rubenstein (2003, Harcourt, Inc.).  After we begin with the first proportion of pi, the process of the Big Bang, or the process of imposing proportion on "inchoate" matter, we go through the steps 1 through 9 listed above.  Then we can construct circles and squares exactly equal in area.  We cannot construct the Big Bang steps 1-9 using only a compass and straightedge, but we can construct it in reverse, from step 9 back to pi using only a compass and straightedge (as shown in the Unification Construction or SOLITU G), and then we can construct squares and circles exactly equal in area, just like the universe.  This is not my original idea; it came from Pythagoras.      - end -  SOLITU Z    


See also "Aristotle's OM"  in SOLITU - OM for Aristotle's ancient statement -- consistent with "proportion is everything" -- about how the physical elements of the universe came into being. 

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