SOLITU PLUS:  physical science, math, geometry, time, ecology

Copyright 2015, John Manimas Medeiros


An open-ended series from the mindstream of John Manimas


1)  A quirky short-short story added to Timeworks:  (AnotherTime)

2)  JMM Math Notes: (Series Calculus - Exponents)

3)  JMM Math Notes: (No Minus Cows) This is a PDF file.

4)  JMM Math Notes: A quadratic formula problem can be solved by series calculus and simple addition, like nature's evolution: (Series Calculus - Area) This is a PDF file.

5) Do you know about the (Religion of Mathematicians) ?


6) The most important 10 pages in the world: (Clock Dilation) a better explanation for Einstein's Relativity Theories.


7) The Hiram key Simplified: (Hiram Simple) or "Self-Reciprocal Construction" -- equally important.


8) Infinity in Nature: (Infinity) or "Everything you wanted to know about the universe but were afraid to ask." -- equally important.


9) A Logical (Wedding Feast) of Science and Religion


10) My New Improved Big Bang Theory: (Big Bang Refined)


11) One Cup of Coffee -- (Two Cups) of Infinity. Is the universe infinite in one direction, or both? (3 pages)


12) Quantum or (Dis-Continuum) : Is the Space-Time Continuum Really Continuous? (4 pages)


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