The Big Bang Theory Revised and Refined:

Proportion is Everything (Pythagoras)

Copyright 2016, John Manimas Medeiros



Proposed revisions of definitions and explanations:


Cosmic microwave background is "spent light" because light does not travel at the same velocity indefinitely or infinitely; it loses velocity over cosmic distances, at a rate that is extremely slow and not yet determined.  That is the explanation for the "red-shift" observed by human instruments.  The objects "shifting" to the red section of the light spectrum are not necessarily moving away from us.  Instead, their distance from us causes light to slow down by the time it reaches us.


Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle:  This principle is a special case for a more general or generic reality of the physical universe which I would label as "instrumental illusions" or "instrumental determination."  The principle of Instrumental Determination I would describe as the inescapable fact that any detector, or instrument of measurement, provides information that imposes a set of limitations on the interpretation of whatever is detected or measured.  For me, I would argue that the best current example of instrumental illusion by way of instrumental determination is the popular bad science dispensed by those who operate astronomically expensive "particle accelerators" and then report enthusiastically that they have observed, through that gigantic instrument, a "particle" that has some astounding characteristics and an amazing quasi-religious role in the creation of matter, but possesses those specified qualities and exists as a particle for only a billionth of a second.  First, the multi-billion-dollar instrument is detecting something, but not necessarily a particle.  It could be detecting an event only and not a particle.  Second, the world community of physicists have omitted an extremely important and mandatory limit on physical matter, which is:  how long -- in measurement of duration [aka time] -- must an object exist before it rises to the level of a "particle."


Big Bang "explosion."  The Big Bang Theory proposes a kind of rapid expansion that fits the common definition of an "explosion" or explosive event, or explosive movement of matter from a center point outward.  The theoretical "bang" begins with fundamental particles such as neutrons, electrons and protons, proceeding in the direction of the creation of atoms and then molecules and more complex agglomerations of matter and proceeding further, eventually, to the organized masses that we call stars, galaxies, and other "celestial objects," and then further still to the formation of a planet like Earth, a sun like our Sun, and life, like cabbage, horses, dogs and humans.   The information that the Big Bang Theory conspicuously omits is how or why did a small beginning, or "singularity," expand rapidly or "explode."  The theory looks like it is intended to be scientific without overlapping with the "religious" or spiritual questions as to why it should have occurred, or what force was the origin or cause of the "bang" or expansion in the first place.  The theory does rather obviously imply that it is offered as an explanation for how matter came into being, which makes it a scientific "creation" theory.  Thus, the Big Bang Theory is a theory offered by secular men, for how the real, physical universe was created, but without making an overt claim that a primal cause, or force, or God (prime mover) was not necessary.  HOWEVER, the Big Bang Theory is weak and incomplete without an explanation for the original or first SOURCE OR FORCE that caused the expansion and thus the creation of organized matter.  The revision, refinement and explanation offered here is both simple and entirely astounding.  That explanation is from Pythagoras, who said "proportion is everything."  People of the past and the present have believed that "proportion is everything" was some kind of casual philosophical expletive, or a trivial comment about geometry and trigonometry.  What I believe without reservation and propose to my fellow scientists and my fellow citizens is that proportion is the primal force of the universe.  Proportion is the original FORCE that caused fundamental, undifferentiated particles -- which were like inert sand on a beach -- to become the interactive building blocks of matter and the organized material that we detect around us and within ourselves.  Because proportion is everywhere, we detect it everywhere.  Our brain detects proportion everywhere: in size, shape, length, weight, mass, volume, degree and on and on and on, because the effects of proportion are everywhere, AND our detection of proportion is as universal as is proportion itself, in NUMBER, ARITHMETIC AND MATHEMATICS.  If the Big Bang Theory is valid, then, and my proposed revision is valid, the ultimate truth of physics is that proportion is the prime mover of the physical universe and this prime mover is detected by our brains as mathematics.  This mathematics is our mathematics, and it is not intellectually universal.  Another species could have a different mode of detection, and a different form of mathematics.  Our mathematics is not universal, but proportion is.  Our mathematics is a language, but proportion is not a language, because a circle is the same everywhere and does not represent anything other than itself and a square is the same everywhere and does not represent anything other than itself.  The shapes and proportions of geometry and trigonometry are not a language.  We use both conventional common language and mathematical language to talk about geometry and trigonometry, but both geometry and trigonometry are truly universal because proportion is universal.  Therefore, my proposed improvement in the Big Bang Theory attaches the profoundly significant conclusion that proportion is universal and mathematics is not.    


Additional evidence offered:  The commonly acknowledged version of the Pythagorean riddle:  "Can we construct a circle exactly equal in area to a given square using only the compass and straightedge?" was originally a declarative statement:  "We can construct a circle exactly equal in area to a given square using only the compass and straightedge."  The meaning of the question/statement is not certain in writing, because the "interrogative" does not necessarily show in the ancient written language but could be added in an oral statement.  I have found the origin of the Pythagorean assertion that we can construct pi as a straight line, using only the compass and straightedge, and that procedure is fully described in SOLITU G the Unification Construction.  The point is not only that we can construct squares and circles equal in area, but that we can construct pi as a straight line, AND the pi value plays a central role in the meaning of the distinct and specific structure of "proportion" as the Secret of Life in the Universe, AND we have not yet discovered what that special of role of pi is, in addition to being detected as the proportion of the circumference of a circle to that circle's given diameter.  THAT is what the Pythagoreans intended to communicate to us, not that there was an interesting geometric construction for circles and squares, but that they knew the secret of life in the universe.  Their purpose was not to teach us geometry, but to teach us history.             


See also "Aristotle's OM"  in SOLITU - OM for Aristotle's ancient statement -- consistent with "proportion is everything" -- about how the physical elements of the universe came into being. 

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