SOLITU Part B: Clues to a Mystery in Plain Sight

Copyright 2015, John Manimas Medeiros

Question: What Does the Pharaoh Point to?

The Ancient Riddle that was originally a declaration [Pythagoreans]

The Great Pyramid, not that it was built by a pharaoh, but IS a pharaoh

The pentagon and the pentangle

Phi (1.618033988) and phi (0.618033988) squared, square root

Narrow is the way of life, and few there are who find it

The Holy Trinity is the Creator of Life in the Universe

Ancient Egyptian Ra, Moses rebel, Jesus healer, men fighting as expected

Matthew Chapter Twenty Three describes everyone

The Holy Ghost is the source of life

The Holy Trinity is Earthly and Divine, and all One

Matter is self-organizing or self-assembling

Matter must be self-measuring in order to be self-assembling

Man is the measurer of all things (not the "measure" of all things)

Proportion is everything [Pythagoreans]

2/3 is a proportion and 5 is a proportion

An endless, non-repeating digital decimal is an effort to

Aristotle: "Everything in the natural universe is material given an intelligible shape and purpose."

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