SOLITU NEWS (Press Release, 6/1/15)


John Manimas Publishes the Scientific Secret of Life


            Fairfield, Connecticut.  The Secret of Life in the Universe has been discovered,  says John Manimas publisher and author.  His new work, entitled "SOLITU" and available online, started as a question about geometry and world history.           

            When Manimas first heard the Pythagorean riddle:  "Can we construct a circle exactly equal in area to a given square using only the compass and straightedge?" he immediately concluded that there had to be a positive answer to the riddle.  Mathematicians believe that such a construction of equal areas is impossible.  Since 1884, mathematicians have defended the thesis of Ferdinand Lindemann that pi exactly is a "transcendental" number that cannot be constructed.

            Manimas said that the current work, SOLITU, "describes in detail how to construct a straight line equal to pi exactly."  He stated further that "verification of the procedure can be accomplished in less than three minutes using an ordinary scientific calculator."  Manimas said that the construction, which he calls the Unification Construction, "requires no unique or new geometric construction procedures but only construction procedures already known." 

            Manimas said that SOLITU explains how the construction of pi as a straight line is the scientific Secret of Life in the Universe because it is the natural process that enables matter or molecules to be self-organizing or self-assembling.  Manimas stated: "The Unification Construction enables molecules to measure themselves, using only the power of proportion, in order to assemble themselves like the parts of a child's building toy." 

            Manimas acknowledged that "The content of SOLITU pushes against the prevailing views of mathematicians."  Manimas concluded: "The content of SOLITU shows that proportion is the only natural phenomenon that occurs in the external world and human mathematics is a cultural invention of the human mind."  Manimas stated finally:  "Human mathematics is the human perception of the power of proportion.  And, the ancient Pythagorean riddle about squaring the circle was really a message sent forward to us from the ancient civilization that people call 'Atlantis'.  Most historians say that 'Atlantis is mythical, but knowledge of pi exactly is proof of an advanced civilization, because a low-tech culture cannot know the value of pi exactly."  Why is all this important?  Manimas stated flatly:  "If the mathematicians do not prove that they are right and I am wrong, then both number theory and world history are changed radically."


Note:  The story source is given as Fairfield, Connecticut because the author attended schools in Fairfield, Connecticut:  St. Anthony K-4, Mckinley 5-8, Andrew Warde (now Fairfield High School) 9-12, and then Brandeis University and later UMass Amherst Graduate School of Education.  John Manimas Medeiros received a scholarship from the Fairfield Lumber Company and additional financial aid from Brandeis University.  This work called SOLITU came into being because the people of Fairfield, Connecticut are willing to pay for good schools and provide financial support for college students. 


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