SOLITU Part E: New Work and Old: the meaning of this document, and "Thank you"

Copyright 2015, John Manimas Medeiros

The New Unification Construction That Squares the Circle

The Unification Construction is the successful discovery of the proof of my childhood faith in the Pythagoreans. When I first heard the "squaring the circle" riddle in 1958, the immediate answer that formed in my mind was that the Pythagoreans would ask this question only if they knew there was a positive answer and if they knew exactly what that answer was. I call the parts of the Unification Construction the Holy Trinity for a good reason. Islam and Christianity and Judaism and the far more ancient religious philosophies of Alexandria, Thebes, and Memphis in Pharaoh Egypt are all the same religion with the same Atlantis source. In ancient Egypt, both scientific and religious concepts were depicted in iconic drawings. The well-known picture of the goddess Nut, being measured by the hands of a temple priest (or everyman) is a depiction of the principle of the Golden Mean, or Phi (the sum of the infinite Fibonacci series) or 1.618033988 being found as the sign of life in Nature, including in the proportions of the human body. Ignorant people, including Christians, saw this ancient icon as a "pagan" drawing with strictly sexual or pornographic or evil meaning.


The Goddess Nut is the Meme Icon for Phi (1.618033988)



Not only in ancient Egypt, but in most if not all ancient cultures, important information was embodied in iconic carvings or sculptures and of course in mythical stories. I believe, therefore, that the Holy Trinity was not invented by Jesus or by his followers after his death, but was in fact an ancient concept whose meaning became lost and was reconstructed as a theological myth. In conclusion, I believe that the Roman-Christian concept of the Holy Trinity being the three-as-one Creator God was originally the Unification Construction which IS the objective proportional Creator of Life in the Universe BECAUSE THIS CONSTRUCTION DESCRIBES THE NATURAL MECHANISM BY WHICH NON-LIVING MOLECULES MEASURE THEMSELVES AS THE FIRST NECESSARY STEP THAT ENABLES MOLECULES TO ASSEMBLE THEMSELVES INTO LIVING ORGANIC MOLECULES. Stated differently, the scientific information possessed by the Atlanteans, the process whereby molecules measure themselves and then assemble themselves into organic living material, IS THE CREATOR OF LIFE IN THE UNIVERSE AND THE SECRET OF LIFE IN THE UNIVERSE, which knowledge was lost and was re-discovered by me after having been missing from the human library for 2,500 years or more. If the comformist anthropomorphic mathematicians do not want to acknowledge that I re-discovered the Unification Construction -- the construction that unifies squares and circles, curve and line, and unifies our understanding of the Natural World so that we can see it as the single, continuous process that Nature is, then they will have to take upon themselves defending the opposite argument that the first person on Earth to square the circle was a retired social worker at the opening of the 21st century.


Let the Old Work Stay, as testimony and record

Any work that is strictly geometry, including the documents linked to through the alphabetical Geometry list, is old work that may include errors, AND THOSE ERRORS ARE CORRECTED BY SOLITU.


I leave my old work here, which includes elements that comprise some "dead ends" or incomplete work, or unsuccessful pathways that still enhance one's understanding of the profound elegance of Evolutionary Proportion, and just plain mistakes. I leave that Old Work posted here for now, all of the geometry, trigonometry and related geometrical research, as a partial record of the long path of failures that preceded success. The other essays on light, physics, molecular structure, economics, politics, the human identity and so on, are work that for me is related, but different in that it represents the ongoing "mindstream" of John Manimas. Geometry is not my only interest. I am interested in the world and its history, which leads to the final explanation of what I did and why I did it.


Although this document may have a profound impact on geometry, mathematics and all of the physical sciences, especially chemistry and physics, my original and persistent quest was to correct human history. I believed since 1958 that an advanced civilization existed on Earth in the distant past, and that Plato's reference to Atlantis was correct. The Renaissance is not over yet. We continue to learn from our ancestors. They sent us many messages, which we can decode in order to claim our inheritance of self-knowledge. The fact that we can square the circle is the best proof available that ancient knowledge included an extremely precise digital value for the number we call "pi." It is not possible by any stretch of the imagination to know that the Unification Construction results in a precise value for pi unless a culture has access to a highly precise means of measurement and calculation. It is not possible for a low-tech society to possess a precise digital value for pi. Again, if the conformist, anthropomorphic mathematicians still insist that the Pythagoreans could ask the question without knowing the answer, they are stuck with defending the opposite and ridiculous proposition that the answer to the riddle always was "Yes" but the Pythagoreans did not understand the meaning of the riddle that is so famous and widely known that it is for all practical purposes the identifying icon of the Pythagoreans. They are described loosely by historians who have few verifiable resources to work with, but the entire world knows that they asked us: "Can we construct a circle exactly equal in area to a given square using only the compass and straightedge?" They did not ask this question to motivate boys to spend a lot of time constructing triangles. They asked this question because they knew a smart human dedicated to finding the answer would some day re-discover the fundamental force of the Natural World and real, physical universe: Evolutionary Proportion.


In Memory of Gratitude

At the same time in my youth when I questioned everything, really everything, I concluded that the old religious concept that we should be good during our lifetime so that we will be rewarded in heaven is backwards. The truth is we receive the greatest of all gifts on the day we are born, and we should spend our lifetime saying thank you. Although I look and behave as an ordinary person -- with a few added ingredients -- I see myself as the true scientist. And here are the three necessary principles of the true scientist:

A) There is no such thing as a cause that has only one effect.

B) If you close a door, the truth is on the other side.

C) If you lock a door, the truth is in that locked room waiting for you.

Anyone of average human intelligence can figure out the rest, because we are all scientists.


My gratitude is far greater than printed words can express:

Thank you Sister Isidore and Father Fulgence, for teaching me to read and spell and to enjoy the stories from the Bible, a connection to the soap opera that started fifty-thousand years ago.


Thank you Father Dunn for telling me to continue my work and save my hard-earned money to buy a new Bible, then giving it to me for free. Thank you for marrying a nun and moving away. Can't imagine a better example of Christian love. When you said, "The Bible is free." I knew what that meant. I studied it, and then I was free because I saw that Jesus was free.


Thank you, Ms Eaton and Mr Baker, Mr Palermo, Mr Kish, and Principal Mr Bowes. Thank you Ms Wanstall and Ms Shlaline and Mr Burr, and others from McKinley School please forgive me for gaps in my memories. Thank you Mr Launer and Mr Pickett, Mr Bell, Mr Harrity. Thank you Mr Harrity again for supportive attention and guidance, for the papers covered in red marks, the patience and implying that I did have something worthwhile to say. Thank you Mr Peterson and Mr Wile and so many friends at Andrew Warde High School. Thank you Patrick Woods and Dick Bernard, and the Tunxis Hill Boys and Sergeant Murphy. Thank you Fairfield Department of Parks and Recreation.


Advice along the way:

Thank you Mother, for telling me: "You have to work." I haven't stopped yet.


Thank you, Mr Launer, for telling me: "It is not a question of what you want to do; it's a question of what must be done."


Thank you, Mr Harrity, for telling me: "You have to discipline yourself; you have to budget your time." I have spent a great deal of time budgeting my time. There is always a shortage of time, even though I came to the conclusion, at some time, that time is actually a fiction of consciousness. Want to have fun with a simple puzzle? Try to say something about time without counting a cyclical event. So, if you find that time is the counting of cyclical events, then counting time is something we do, but not something that exists independent of us. See "Time Works" on my jmanimas web site.


Thank you, Brandeis University, for choosing me to be a Christian student that might succeed in a school full of stressed-out American Jews, all devoted to a career in pleasing their grandparents and contributing to the health, justice and new knowledge that we cannot have in excess. I am sorry I did not go to the deep South in 1963 because I hated American apartheid, and I am profoundly glad that I had the presence of mind to not go because I knew I would be killed for sure. Looking back, I can see that I would have been killed for sure. The same for Vietnam, where I would have been killed by either enemy.


Thank you, Mr Barker, Instructor in Humanities, who told us: "Precision is the essence of truth." That is precisely true. I have been focused on precision ever since. The thing about precision is that it would be infinite, except for the smallest possible particle. So, the material universe exists because it is infinite outward, but finite inward. Or, it is infinite in one direction. If there were no smallest possible particle, the universe would be made out of nothing, which we cannot measure because, as we all know, lots of nothing is not more than a little nothing.


Thank you, A. S. for telling me, "You have friends in your head." That was true, and always was, and still is. Friends in one's head can be loyal, safe, constructive, better than the friends who are on the outside looking for opportunities for themselves all the time. My friends in my head kept telling me that I could accomplish something. Just keep trying. Don't despair. Don't give up. Even though the world will give you a gold statue and a million dollars if you add a new artificial flavor to macaroni and cheese, you should keep looking. There is something more important than a new flavor. You may not get a gold statue, or even a dime, if you add something truly important to the world, but us friends in your head will appreciate you. We live for you because you live for us. Here is the key to spiritual success: When you are growing up, the most important person to talk to is yourself. Get acquainted. If you do not know yourself, you have missed the best experience of your life.


Thank you, Mr Louis Pavoni, landscaper, philosopher, who told me: "That's what you believe, Johnny, because that's what they taught you." I already knew that, but it was good for me to know that you knew it too. I have always worked on believing what I taught myself, by listening to those who spoke the truth. I have always believed that if you are making a list of skills that you need to survive in this world, skill number one is that you need to be good at distinguishing between good advice and bad advice. This skill is not terribly hard to learn. Usually, after following bad advice once or twice, you improve dramatically.


So then I came to Vermont, to be with the spirit of Robert Frost and the trees and the mountains, and chose my different path in the woods. While disguised as a normal person of average statistical character, I searched for the Secret of Life in the Universe. This looks like a foolish thing to do, until you find it.


Cannot thank enough the brave explorers who hacked their way through the labyrinths and mazes of distorted history and bad science: Peter Tompkins, John Anthony West, Christopher Dunn, J. Douglas Kenyon, Erich von Daniken, Barry Fell, Christopher Knight, Robert Lomas, Elaine Morgan, Charles Piazzi Smyth, Immanuel Velikovsky, Nigel Calder, Eric Lerner, John Mack, Charles Hummel, Guy Murchie, James Gleick, Fred Hoyle, Herbert Klein, C. D. B. Bryan, Whitley Striber, Walter Sullivan, Alan Watts, Ivan Sanderson, John Taylor, R. T. Rundle Clark, Budd Hopkins, John G. Fuller, and R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz. And, many others listed in my research bibliography. I would like to thank my mother, Marie Antoinette Mure, a woman who understood history, both personal and cosmic history. The Mure name came with a family from Sicily, but a suspicious family, because "Mure" is a French word that means "Blackberry." Who doesn't like blackberries?

If you are new to the cheerful hobby of exploring history and how it is written, distorted, and shredded by liars and manipulators, the best publication for beginners is the magazine entitled Atlantis Rising. Humans fight many battles and one of the best and the biggest is the ongoing battle to determine what really happened and why. We do not fight this battle in the midst of overwhelming noise and commotion. We fight this battle at home or in a library, usually alone, unknown, looking for the clue that will bust the case wide open. All historians are detectives, and some of them risk their lives to find the truth, not by exposing themselves to a risk of physical harm, but by exposing themselves to the risk of being ignored. History reveals that people are accustomed to ignoring history.


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