SOLITU  Part C:  Universe B: the viewpoint of John Manimas

Copyright 2015, John Manimas Medeiros  [03 14 15 9:26:54]

Question:  What is Changed by a Unification Construction?


                        UNIVERSE A (Anthropomorphic Conformists)

We cannot square the circle, or construct pi as a straight line

The ancient riddle about squaring the circle was an unanswered question

The Pythagoreans believed that it was not possible to square the circle

The Pythagoreans did not know we can square the circle, construct pi as a straight line

pi is a "transcendental" number, different from all other numbers

There was never an advanced civilization on Earth; progress is always forward

Numbers and math exist outside the human mind, in the real, physical universe

The Holy Trinity is a religious concept defining the Creator of the Universe



                        UNIVERSE B (John Manimas, independent thinkers)

We can square the circle.  We can construct pi as a straight line

The ancient riddle about squaring the circle was originally a declaration of knowledge

The Pythagoreans knew that we can square the circle, construct pi as a straight line

pi is a proportion, an endless non-repeating decimal like the square roots of 5 and 2

There once was an advanced civilization on Earth that knew pi exactly as we do

Progress, in particular social and political and economic progress, can be suspended

Civilization can regress, lose its store of knowledge, wisdom and technical skills

Numbers are the human perception of proportion and exist only in the human mind

Proportion is the natural phenomenon, arithmetic and mathematics is the perception

Proportion is like the electromagnetic spectrum, math is like colors perceived

Proportion is like vibration waves, math is like sounds perceived

The Holy Trinity is a metaphorical story of a scientific fact

The Holy Trinity is the Unification Construction, the process wherein matter measures itself

By the way eternal of the Unification Construction, matter assembles itself

The means by which matter measures itself is the Creator of the Universe

Aristotle:  "Everything in the natural universe is material given an intelligible shape and purpose."  The universe does not begin with a "Big Bang."  The universe begins as a vast beach of sand particles, separate and detached, sliding against one another like glass beads.  The most fundamental force of the natural physical universe is proportion.  In that moment when the force of proportion is applied to the vast beach of glass beads, they all change instantaneously and become the stew of nature's processes, matter subject to events, everything an event.  Even each object that we perceive is an event in a setting and every setting is an event.  And the process unfolds continuously, creation and destruction occurs always simultaneously.  There are no real separations of objects or of living and non-living, but only the single process that is the universe, the "one thing" and the "one action."  Every object and every event that humans conceive as a distinctly separate element in the universe is the result of this cutting of the universe into parts, which occurs only in our minds because that focus is a necessary mental operation.  Separating into distinct parts is a process required by a brain to do what it does.  The real universe outside of our brains is not made of distinct parts, but rather is "the big setting," a single process.  The reason we see the universe as made up of parts is not because it really is made up of parts, but because an organic brain must operate this way in order to manage the vast information about the universe.  Our brains are like a library.  It must store the whole knowledge that we have accumulated in separate books, so that we can look at it and focus on one part at a time.  This is something that we must do because of the way that our brains operate, but this is not proof that the real, physical universe is the same, broken into separate parts.  This is anthropomorphism.  Nature does not need a library or time.  We perceive time because we must have a sense of time in our consciousness in order to form our conceptions of cause and effect, but that is the only reason we possess this sense of time in our brains.  Time does not exist outside of the mind of a technological animal or intelligent organism.  Nature does not need time.  Nature is only process.  No past or future is needed, but only the process of evolution and change, cycles of events that have occurred before in an endless repetition.  We can square the circle, but what we cannot do is identify an event that occurred only once. 

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