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Focus for 2012: From the Economy of Abundance to the Mayan Long Galactic Cycle.

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Work in progress -- History, Geometry, Religion, a Message from the Distant Past.

----->Contents for December 2013)

The End of Labor and the New (Economic Paradigm).


----->Contents for November 2013)

The 2014 Republican Party Platform (Republican Platform).

A poem about life: (Miracle of Death).


----->Contents for October 2013)

Why Everything Moves on a (Spiral Path).

The Economy can be fixed by this (Final Solution).


----->Contents for September 2013)

Proposed Constitutional Amendment on the Public (Environment).

National Security Secrets leaked here: (Time Out) .


----->Contents for August 2013)

An Important Detail in (The Covenant).


----->Contents for July 2013)

The Theory of a Prison Planet (Seperanton).


----->Contents for June 2013)

The God in Your Religion (The God Problem).

A Science of the (Helping Hand).


----->Contents for May 2013)

Botland - robotic insects (Botland).


----->Contents for April 2013)

Intelligence from Mars (Intel From Mars).

From Christ to Skinner: history as a psychological problem: (Christ Skinner).


----->Contents for March 2013)

The Invasions of Earth: (Invasions).


----->Contents for February 2013)

The Best Educational System: (Developmental Grading).


----->Contents for January 2013 and the Mayan Calendar issue (December 21, 2012)

The Religious Beliefs of Scientists: (Scientists' Religion) -- to the Union of Concerned Scientists.

Crazy James' Clocks: (James' Clocks) -- a short story about a boy who sees clocks everywhere.

A metaphor for the challenge of searching: (DisAdventure) .


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