The topics discussed on this jmanimas website include: Democracy vs Theocracy, Economics, Evolution vs Intelligent Design, Geometry and Proportion, History, Light and Relativity, Philosophy, Religion, Squaring the Circle, Time.

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Added for December 2011 -- a surprise blast from the past! War. --- Coming in 2012: The Economy of Abundance.

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[This alphabetical directory includes 2009, 2010 and 2011.]

A for Abortion, etc.

Economics: (Absolute Liability) Why should you pay for chemical product disasters? (09/09)

Smoke Eater #2: (The Abortion Issue) smoke over babies. (06/09)

Books, videos, websites of interest: (Active Steps) toward real solutions, such as biomimicry.

The Rule of Wealth and Environmental Destruction: (Apocalyptic Plutocracy) (5 pages)

Naming my religion: I am an (Athenion) (6 pages)

Who is That? (It's Been Awesome) (2 page poem)


B for Behavior, etc.

The Work-Only Society (Basic Flaw of Economics) (13 pages)(09/10)

Social Science: The Value of (Behaviorism) (21 pages)(11/09)

Religion: (The Bi-Theism) of the Christian Religion (2 pages)(01/11)

The author reviews his own book: (rage)--->(Breaking the Icon of Morality) (2 pages)(05/10) See (The Message and the Interpretation) for "reason."

A Brief Psychoanalysis of Human Drama (Psychoanalysis of God Drama) (13 pages)

Are you opposed to "bullying?" Take a look at (Bully Nations) [12/1/11]


C for Captive, etc.

Economics: Are You a Captive Customer? --> (Captive Customer) Copyright 2009 (02/09). Don't bother your busy little head.

Introduction to PDF file of The Case Against a (President's War) [12/1/11] -- you can print a copy for yourself.

Changing History are we? Short Scifi: (Caesar is Rome!) (13 pages)(08/10)

Economics: (Chemically Caused Immune System Failure) The coming abominations and desolation. (09/09)

Economics/democracy: Proposed (Chemical Risk Labeling) Law (2 pages)(06/10)

Religion/Christianity: How (Christianity Must Change) to Live (3 pages)(07/10)

Special Feature religion: (Church of Christ) (05/09)

Religion: (Correcting the Council of Nicea) (08/09) or (Desiderata) - advice from an angel.

Special Feature: Religion: The Cosmic Lie - a story (Cosmic Lie) (01/09) Are you saved? Are you sure?


D for Democracy, etc.

Death and Particle Physics --> (Death and Physics) (11 pages)(11/10)

Democracy: First Principles of Democracy --> (Principles of Democracy) Copyright 2009. (03/09)

Special Feature science: (Discovery of Meaning) (06/09)

Special Feature religion: Interpretation of a Text and the Method of (Dissonant Parables) (04/09)Copyright 2009

Social Science: The (Divided Mind) of Humankind (7 pages)(12/09)

Entertainment: (Don Quijote of the Knights Templar) Copyright 2009 (04/09)


E for Economics , etc.

Economics: Three Ridiculous (Economic Ideas) (05/09)

A Course of Controversy in Science and Religion: (Eight Books) on science and religion (8 pages)

Social Science: The Secret of (Eternal Life) (11 pages)(01/10)

The Craziness of (The Evaluation of Teachers) (8 pages)(09/10)

Am I an (Expert) ? (12/10)

J Manimas gives his (Explanation of Universe) [12/1/11]


F for Fire Monkey, etc.

Entertainment: Is (Fire Monkey) more accurate than "Homo Sapiens"? Copyright 2009 (02/09)

Citizen Participation: The (Five Spice) Club: to create a democratic multi-party system. (05/09)

Education: (The Fountains of Fruth:) sharing the autistic experience. Copyright 2009 (04/09)

Religion: What (Freedom of Religion) Really Means. (07/09)


G for Genetics, etc.

Have you noticed? (Genetically Modified Law) (3 pages) (12/10)

Getting to Know Us: a defense of neuro-philosophy (Getting to Know Us) (27 pages)

Short poem (God is Here) (one page)

A Comprehensive Thesis of the Human Identity: Pitfalls of a Technological Animal (The Good Steward Versus the Voramon) (35 pages + links) --> With this essay I bring to a stage of completion my life-long development of a thesis of the human identity that is consistent with both science and religion. (07/10)

The Gospel by Scientific Method (Gospel as Science) [11/1/11]


H for Heaven, etc.

In Heaven Forever --> (Heaven Forever) Copyright 2009 (A Work in RSR 02/09) Do good people really go to heaven?


I for Intelligent Design, etc.

What About (Intelligent Design?) [Evolution is the best version.](3 pages)(08/10)

Science/time/relativity: (I Remember WWII) and what time is. (11 pages)(06/10)

Who is That? (It's Been Awesome) (2 page poem)


M for Marriage of Science, etc.

Economics/democracy: Stewardship is the (Marriage of Science and Religion) (3 pages)(06/10)

September 10, 2009, the geometry issue: How the (Mathematicians Failed) Civilization (09/09)

Short science fiction (Men in Grey) (9 pages)(04/10)

The author reviews his own book: (The Message and the Interpretation) (05/10) See (Breaking the Icon of Morality) for "rage."

Religion: (My Soul in Space) ----> or (Old poem and new) (07/09)


N for Nations, etc.

Government: Maybe (Nations) Stink (10/09)

Social Science: The Next (Natural Selection) (2 pages)(02/10)

Physical Science: (Nature's Ruler): a resolution of the square-the-circle riddle. (2 pages)(02/10)

History: What the Knights Templar found -- (A New Conspiracy Theory) (9 pages)(06/10)


O for One Clock, etc.

Old and new: (Old poem and new) (07/09)

One Clock, Two Measurements, One Duration, (One Clock) which I claim proves that the relativity doctrine of "space-time" is wrong. (10/10)

Response to a survey question: (On My Death) (one page)


P for Particle, etc.

Special Feature: A Child, (a Particle) and pi. The story behind this jmanimas website. (05/09)

Social Science: (Princes and Poverty) Genetics, History and Heroes (5 pages)(01/11)

Fiction/Entertainment: Jeremy (Porter759) Goes for a Walk. (06/09)

Introduction to PDF file of The Case Against a (President's War) [12/1/11] -- you can print a copy for yourself.

Pulse (a poem on the meaning of life) (Pulse) (2 pages)


R for Recycle, etc.

Social/Economic Science: Research and Development Becomes (Recover, Reuse, Recycle) or Safely Store or Digest 6 pages)(03/10)

Short Fiction: Goldie and (Red Bear) : (2 pages)(02/10)

Science/time/relativity: (I Remember WWII) and what time is. (11 pages)(06/10)

Religion: (The Religion and the Church).(08/09)

Religion: A Modern Book (Review of the Gospel) Story (4 pages)(02/11)

Intellectual (Roadblock): the extreme difficulty of marketing the reconciliation of science and religion (5 pages)

The Rule of Wealth and Environmental Destruction: (Apocalyptic Plutocracy) (5 pages)


S for Socialism, etc.

Who is (Santa Claus) ? (anonymous, in public domain) (12/10/11)

Historyof Religion: Proposed Solution of the Roman (Sator Square) (3 pages)(01/11)

Poetry: The Saucerer --> (The Saucerer) Copyright 1990. [An Islamic Struggle Poem?] (03/09)

What it means to be a (Scientific Religionist) (8 pages)

Special Feature science: (Shape of Atom) Equals Process of Universe? Copyright 2009. (04/09)

Special Features: short short story: (She Liked the Fish) (03/09)

Economics: The (Shoe in the Gears) (05/09)

Sign up here: (Sign Up) (one page)

Economics: Creating the (Social Alliance) Corporation.(08/09) Solution #3, after Three Ridiculous Economic Ideas (May 2009)

Economics/democracy (Social Economy) (summary + 35 pages)(05/10)


T for Time, etc.

Religion: Advocating (Theocracy) in America (5 pages)

Special Feature (Time): Science A Theory of Electromagnetic Propulsion and the Incredible Horse-shit Clock (TEP and Horse Clock) The scent of a tick; the drop of a tock. (01/09)

Time Science: Why I Believe (Time is a Fiction) of Consciousness (11 pages)(02/11)

Economics: (Total Cost Accounting) Is this the most effective Green policy? (09/09)

Collapse or Transformation -- The (Two Great Denials) [11/1/11]

Science in history: Two Plus what? (Two Plus 2) and reading between the lines. How much science fiction has already occurred? (14 pages)


V for Voice, etc.

The Seven (Vivophilic Traits of Earth) (5 pages)(08/10)

The Parable of (The Voice of God) (1.2 pages)(08/10)


W for Who was, etc.

Who is (Santa Claus) ? (anonymous, in public domain) (12/10/11)

History: (Five Loaves, Two Fishes: ) Was Jesus a Mason? Copyright 2009 (03/09)

Who will be interested in The Primacy of Stewardship (updated July 2011): (Who Cares?) (3 pages)

Economics: (Who Creates Poverty?) (06/09)

We are the economy! (Who Creates Jobs?) (4 pages)


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