Wolf-Dog in a Chicken Coop and Why People See UFOs, Occasionally

Copyright 2015, John Manimas Medeiros


So let's say you have a flock of chickens mainly for the eggs.  You are a farmer of sorts, not a big time industrial, hate-animals farmer, but a subsistence farmer.  You like animals and you say thank you before eating them.  You also have a great dog, a "wolf-dog" which might have a recent ancestor who was a wolf, but your dog is a real people lover: calm, friendly, protective.  She looks like a wolf, though, because she is mostly husky sled-dog and has other big-dog ancestors like probably a shepherd and probably a retriever.  If you let her into the chicken coop, she will not hurt a chicken.  She has self-control and she knows that she is not supposed to hurt a chicken.  But, she might try to chase a chicken briefly, just for fun, or sniff a chicken's head.  And, she can't be allowed in the chicken coop, not because she is a real danger to the chickens but because the chickens have not been to university and they do not know that your wolf-dog will not hurt them.  They are terrified when they see the dog and they go into a total chaos panic, fying around, clucking like chickens and jumping and flapping like they all need to be drugged and put to sleep. 


So, of course, you don't let the chickens see your wolf-dog.  And now that brings us to why people see UFOs, occasionally.  We look at the stars, so thick they look like a thousand gallons of sparkling cream flowing across the sky (when there is no moonlight and when there are no artificial Earth lights dulling the sky).  And we have learned, through patient study, that there are thousands of other planets like ours, and there must be life in other worlds and there are most likely technological animals, like us, and intelligent beings -- much smarter and less destructive than us -- in this same universe.  And, it is possible that they pass us by on their way to the best vacation spots and sometimes they stop to look at us.  Because we are interesting, like prairie dogs or ants or a herd of zebras drinking at a water hole. 


Usually we do not see them, because they use invisibility technology and they do not want us to see them.  But, then again, no technology operates perfectly all the time.  So, occasionally the invisibility system fails or is turned off and some humans see a UFO.  A UFO is called an "Unidentified Flying Object," but this is actually the wrong designation.  It is in fact an IFO or Identified Flying Object.  The object is identified.  What is not identified is where it came from.  Thus, really, it should be called an Object of Unidentified Origin (OUO).  And thousands of people report seeing an OUO, and I respect them.  To argue that there are no human-like beings anywhere else in the universe is a very strange argument, because it would be extremely difficult to explain how and why conscious beings evolved only on one planet that depends on one star when we see so many stars we cannot count them.  There are a trillion trillion stars.  And, to say that no other star has a planet like Earth is like saying that there are a trillion trees in North America but only one of them has leaves.  Anyway, now we can see how we are like the chickens and the UFOs are like my friendly family wolf-dog.  The dog means no harm, but if we all see the UFO for a long time, we will act like the chickens, get all traumatized, yell and scream, start attacking one another, cackling hysterically while scratching ourselves and one another, engaging in a lot of extreme behavior that looks like civil suicide.  So, the UFO farmers try not to let us see them.  So that we will remain calm and continue to produce eggs.  If we see them and get traumatized, we will stop producing eggs, and they like eggs just as much as we do.  They probably do not make human scrambled eggs, or eggs Andromeda.  They probably use human eggs to make a lot of things.  But they don't want us to see that either, and neither do you.  But, it is okay if you see briefly, by accident, a UFO.  I will believe you, because it makes sense and I don't think I should be telling you what you saw.  If I see something, I tell you what I saw.  And if you see something, you tell me what you saw.  That's mutual respect, just like I respect the chickens and my wolf-dog, and I keep them apart to keep the peace, and the eggs.


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