Monsters Dressed in a Corporate Veil

Copyright 2014, John Manimas Medeiros


The greatest threat to American democracy is the enemy within:  the monster corporations and the con-artists they hire to get elected solely by manipulating the voters with fake morality that does not even fall within the proper duties and powers of the legislative authority in a constitutional democracy.  For example, Monsanto, who seems to be the worst offender of all, produces and sells seeds that produce sterile plants, a perfect way to cripple national security and enable corporations to control the food supply.  This is the same thing as giving the Monsanto corporation a power over society greater than that of the Congress and the President.  Monsanto has persuaded, or bribed, the government into accepting the theory that genetically modified plants that are more resistant to herbicides and pesticides are superior plants.  They increase "yield" for greater profits.  This thinking is the most outrageously unscientific thinking ever to fall like a curse on American minds.  The destructive pests will build resistance, while bees and other beneficial pollinators will succumb.  Greater tolerance for chemical toxins in the plants will carry those toxins, on the plant foods, into the bodies of the humans who consume them.  Therefore, here we have, in the United States of America, alleged to be a great democracy, an economic system that feeds poisons to the people, approved by the Food and Drug Administration, and the Environmental Protection Agency.  The USA looks like the worst possible science horror fiction movie.  The minds of the authorities are controlled by sadistic aliens who will take possession of the Earthy by killing the human population with poisonous foods.  This is not an original strategy.  Humans do the same thing to mice and rats.    


Billions of tax dollars are required to clean up toxic waste spilled deliberately or carelessly in ponds and lakes, rivers and streams, or simply dropped or poured out onto the ground, or thoughtlessly bulldozed into giant landfills.  But those toxic waste products, packaging and chemicals all earned profits for private corporations, and of course the private corporations, and the bankers and investors who made contrived profits on their stock values, shout and scream that the government is the problem, and what we need most of all is to not have the government interfere in the free market.  Keep the government off the back of the corporations and don't interfere in the operation of the free market.  Clearly they are psychotically hypocritical and deceptive.  They lie for a living.  They could not possibly make a profit if they had to pay for all of the damage to the soil, air and water that is caused by their production and business practices.  They do not sell their products at cost, they sell their products at prices that are far below the true cost because they do not include the costs of the toxic waste cleanup in the market price.  They don't need to.  The American Sucker taxpayers have volunteered to pay for the devastation that they inflict, while taking profits, on the land and the people.  It is not only the destruction of plant and animal life that results, but also the many diseases of "civilization" that people get that are actually caused by toxic chemicals in thousands of products that are in American homes, from carpets and drapes to tables, chairs, toys and electronic devices, the cleaning agents and the paints and fabrics and the food preservatives and medicines and deodorizers, cosmetics and repellents. 


WE THE PEOPLE volunteer, due to some deep gullibility and worship of the right of the rich to steal in order to stay rich, to pay with our lives so that the rich can stay rich by controlling the government and manipulating the market so that it protects them from the real requirements that would sink them if they had to compete in a truly free market.  The only things they can invent or produce are poisonous products and environmental problems.  They do not create jobs.  They create death and destruction.  And they demand to be categorized legally as "persons" with the rights of a person.  So then, why don't we arrest them and put them on trial for their crimes?  We arrest and sentence homeless people for stealing a sandwich.  Shouldn't we arrest a corporate person for stealing air, water and soil, and causing injury to the health of human persons who do not have a corporate charter but document their claim to legal rights with a birth certificate?  That's it.  A corporation is not really human.  So, if a corporation is a person, it is a non-human person, a sub-human person, a monster disguised as a person.  Normally, such a monster, if it did not have the protection of the two-party system, would be killed. 

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