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Stewardship, Pythagoreans, time and democracy: primary issues in the human experience.


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Summation of this website: There is a vast conspiracy of life and we are members.


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April 1, 2023 (Lock Him Up!)


Why did John Manimas devote over 40 years searching for the answers to (four questions) ?


Understanding the following four crucial truths is necessary in order for American Civilization to survive and succeed.


1) (UPDATE Your Knowledge) [The Primacy of Stewardship]. The history of Western Civilization is based on a mistake: the Gospel message is science; the primacy of stewardship is a physical law of the universe, not a moral option. Quote: "There are many who claim a kinship to Jesus, or custody of his teaching and legacy, but I am one of the few who paid him the courtesy of actually listening to what he said." -- John Manimas, 2010. From the book: One's action of love occurs at a time that is inconvenient, at a place that is uncomfortable, under circumstances that are awkward, surrounded by chaos, uncertainty and fear.


Introductory video: The (Science from Jesus). Posted on JMM Youtube channel primacycinema.

2) (SOLITU) -- The Secret of Life in the Universe. The Pythagoreans who posed the "square the circle" question knew pi exactly or pi to the 9th decimal place, the one-billionth fraction. In order to know pi to that level of precision they had to have access to high technology. A primitive or low-technology culture cannot know pi to the 9th decimal place. They also said that "proportion is everything," and that is the key to understanding the real, physical universe. Proportion is the fundamental force that creates the universe, turns inert particulate matter into the living creation. Mathematics is our perception of proportion. Proportion is the source of material structure and the universe is not mathematical. Brains are mathematical.

AND, SEE the NEW IMPROVED (Big Bang) Theory (3 pages)

and furthermore, SOLITU Z, The Grand Inizio, the creative (cause) of the Big Bang (4 pages)


3) (Timeworks). Time is a fiction of consciousness. There is no such thing as time that is independent of the simple operation of counting cyclical events. Nature is process only and does not need "time" as a "dimension" to accomplish anything. Nature simply is, but does not keep records. A technological animal, a calculating, learning observer keeps records because they must in order to learn how the universe works and how to make things. Our need to learn cause and effect is the reason we conceive of past, present and future, time. There is no concrete evidence of time, nothing that can be measured other than the sequence of cyclical events.


4) (Revolution by Vote) The real democracy movement and voter motivation. This site now named "Votomotive FSTD." We in the United States of America live in a political mess created by a political class that has made politics a game for the rich and selfish. Just as our laws require jury duty in order to keep the Constitutional promise of a trial by jury, we should keep the Constitutional promise of res publica. In a real democracy the majority rules, not a minority that passes laws to suppress voting by their political opposition. Election reform includes the common goal of creating an effective election system that enables voters to give the power of government to new political parties. Real democracy requires that established and entrenched political parties can be removed from the offices of authority by ballots.

Our Votes Make History


Make America democratic again: (MADA Madaline)

voter's pledge and New Year's Resolution December 31, 2023.


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The History of the Problem, and the Best Legal Solution (February 2022)

The (Two-Party Tyranny) in America -- and the Referendum of 2022: (Ballot)


The (Four Steps) to democracy in America:


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Five) The (Mindstream) of John Manimas: A related fifth body of material includes other works in support of the four truths, essays on history, economics, political science, and evolution in the (JMD Magazine) [2009 to 2015] and a selection of (Old Geometry) work that is available here as evidence of the many years of study and research conducted by John Manimas. The Old Geometry material includes inferior solutions to the square-the-circle riddle that are less precise than the Unification Construction described later in the SOLITU documentation. The premise of The Primacy of Stewardship and of the Pythagorean gnosis began for John Manimas in 1957 when he was fourteen years old. The old (Quick Look Directory) is abbreviated and retained until further revisions of the links setup.


Six) John (Manimas) Medeiros in 1968: the story of The Case Against a President's War at (CAPWstory)


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