Statement of Purpose of "The Mission of John Manimas"

To share the different viewpoint of John Manimas

on four accepted interpretations of history that shape

doctrines of the human identity around the world:


1. (POS) The Primacy of Stewardship. The New Testament parables are the most important scientific message ever delivered to the human species. Interpreting Jesus' teaching as a new religion is a destructive mistake. The true scientific message tells humanity our natural and important role in the care and protection of all life within our reach.


2. (SOLITU) The Secret of Life in the Universe is found through examination of the Pythagorean "riddle" Can we square the circle? Interpreting the scripture as a question is a destructive mistake. In ancient languages a statement is changed into a question by tone and inflection in speech, and by some small mark or sign in writing. The original scripture was a statement intended to spur interest and a Pythagorean geometrical investigation into the challenging STATEMENT: "One can construct circles and squares exactly equal in area using only the compass and straightedge."


The subsequent mistake of interpreting the statement as a question lead to the digression and distraction on a contrived issue of what is "pi exactly," which is in fact a foolish question because the same can be asked about any and every numerical expression. Both mathematical theory and physical science progresses through a continuous process of increased precision, and that process leads to a level of precision where the construction of squares and circles with a scribe (pen, pencil, point) using only the compass and straightedge represents the reality that beyond a locatable boundary of precision the construction of physical squares and circles, made of marks on paper, or marks on steel, or made of any known material, are all the same in that they are made of atoms. And you cannot construct a square, a circle, or a line, or anything, and then increase its size or decrease its size by a fraction of an atom. The atom is the stable state of any element. One can give one atom of iron or calcium or oxygen to another person, but no one can give a fraction of an atom or a "sub-atomic" particle to another person and properly regard that exchange as transferring a substance from one place to another. We cannot "construct" things out of particles that are smaller than an atom. Therefore, when we reach the level of precision around the tenth decimal place, we can construct squares and circles exactly equal in area because a finer level of precision in the real, physical universe, is not possible, even though we can calculate and write more decimal digits for another kilometer. The ancient Pythagoreans understood this reality, and they wanted us to know that they understood this. The investigation of the original statement "One can construct circles and squares exactly equal in area using only the compass and straightedge." also guides the open and receptive investigator (such as John Manimas) to a concept of the secret of life in the universe, that "secret" being: Proportion is the most fundamental force in the universe. It is proportion that creates the universe and makes one thing different from another. The universe is created, as Aristotle said, when a mass of uniform particles are transformed into the material differences that we measure as size, shape and movement. Thus "Proportion is everything," when announced by the Pythagoreans, was not just a philosophical comment; it is a statement of the fundamental reality of the real, physical universe. This was and is the original statement and its original purpose, to let us know what they knew. Then we can ask ourselves how did they know it. That is the lecture to us by our teacher, Pythagoras. He invites us to learn by investigating a statement, not a question.


The persistent exploration of the statement leads to a place where we can construct a straight line value of pi that goes beyond the precision level of the tenth decimal position. This is described in geometric detail in this section of the Mission of John Manimas. The viewpoint of John Manimas, offered to the world, is that this is the correct solution to the "problem" of squaring the circle, and the obsession with "pi exactly" is a distracting mistake and diversion sustained by the obsessive and nerdy minds of mathematicians, which leads us away from a treasure of science and history.


3. Timeworks. A set of short essays and short stories that illustrate in different ways the view of John Manimas (and many others) that time is a fiction of consciousness. The world (including me) loves a story of "time travel," and even serious scientists play and struggle with the concept and theories of traveling to the past or to the future and then back again. Keep in mind that if "time travel" were possible, one must be able to travel to the past, and then to the future, and then back to the present, just like going from New York to Philadelphia, then to Boston, and back to New York. Or, if one can find a "shortcut" such as a "wormhole" in space, and thereby travel cosmic distances in a few days, that would be a kind of "time travel." But this is a false conundrum, because if by these proposed "shortcuts" we can travel faster around the vast universe then we have just another version of greater speed. In other words, if traveling through a cosmic shortcut enables us to travel faster than light, and we call that "time travel," then we are implying that other ways of traveling faster are time travel, such as, flying from New York to Los Angeles in two hours instead of riding a horse for two months is "time travel." Again, "time is a fiction of consciousness" means that time is strictly the counting of repeated, cyclical events that are equal in duration, or we believe they are equal in duration. There is no measure of time or no statement of time other than the counting of cyclical events. In other words, counting time, by any means, is a "clock," and we are making the mistake of viewing the clock itself as time itself, when in fact the clock is only a concept in the mind, the concept of counting events as a measure of time. John Manimas' view is that we humans, or any technological animal or intelligent organism, evolve to count time because that ability creates the concept of past, present and future, or the concept of process unfolding, matter changing from this to that "over time." This particular evolutionary ability makes technology possible, makes one who possesses this ability to "count time" able to comprehend process and think about it, talk about it and become an agent in natural process, a "maker" and a "doer" which means exactly a "technological animal," an organism that manipulates the universe by conceiving and constructing things out of "materials" which eventually include chemicals and electrons, and maybe particles we are just beginning to understand. Obviously, if counting time makes technology possible, then it is surely a beneficial genetic trait to be perpetuated by the evolutionary process. However we progress, time is not and will not become a path upon which we can travel back and forth. Time is a fiction of consciousness. You can test this viewpoint: Your assignment is to make a statement about time that is outside of the activity of counting cyclical events. No one can do this. Time is counting. We can see time in a clock, any form of clock, but time is only the clock and not outside of the clock.


4. "Serious democracy requires serious equality." Here the purpose is to describe, explain and promote radical democratic ideas and practices including but not limited to: mandatory voting, no party registration, an election system that promotes more than two parties, party coalitions and power sharing, an election system that requires elected legislators and executives to represent the interests of their constituents and not the interests of out-of-district business donors. To promote understanding of these purposes and an interest in accomplishing the goal of creating and maintaining a democratic government that does not protect minority rule. Projects on this website include, since 2016, efforts to act in concert with others to accomplish effective democratic action.


I do not believe that the "classic" citizen actions of protest marches, political "concerts" or "Woodstock" style events are worth the effort they require and dangers they entail. Every political action should be measured in terms of whether it moves our political and economic practices in the direction of greater sharing of political and economic power. The American two-party system is extremely successful at restricting meaningful political power to the hands of an American Nobility and ruling political class, just as effective as the royalty system and fixed feudal hierarchy confined political power in Europe and other parts of the world before 1775. We are not serfs economically, but we are serfs politically because we do not have the representative government we fought for. In the two-party system the people's rights are a gift from those with power, and they can be withdrawn, such as the right to vote or the right to a jury trial. They frequently are. And the powerful have a different set of rules than the common people in civil and criminal courts. Our legislative representatives at the state and federal level are bought and owned by the rich ruling class who might have some worthy goals but there first goal is always to retain their monopoly on political power. They do not trust democracy.


From 2016 through 2018, the contents of this topic was transferred to the separate website realdemocracyparty dot org, also designated as the Revolution by Vote. In 2020 I did meet the standards to be recognized as a presidential candidate (write-in) by the FEC Federal Elections Commission, unknown to everyone else. With apologies, the RDP was a registered political party for about two years, but it was dissolved and is now more a project than a functioning political party. This is appropriate to me because I believe the two political parties in our two-party system have failed us completely and destroyed democracy in America rather than protected it. My effort to act in concert with others to translate democratic ideas into effective action may continue through 2021 and thereafter. What is likely to be my last serious effort to have a positive influence is the CDCF Citizen Directed Candidate Fund, described in detail at the RDP or "Revolution by Vote" website.


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