The Four Questions Behind the Four Truths

Copyright 2016, John Manimas Medeiros


The four "truths" or theses that comprise my mission, and what I hope to teach to others, each arise from specific questions that are important in our history and important to me.  They are significant in that we have strong traditional beliefs around them, with which I disagree not only on the basis of emotional opinion but also on the basis of rational evidence.  I believe with confidence that my positions on these four historical issues are scientific, and will be borne out by future consideration and examination. 


1)         The Primacy of Stewardship:  What is the true content of the Gospel message, specifically the theme of the parables?  What did Jesus teach, really?  What is the message and the most credible motive for delivering the message to us?   Fifty years of study and related research produced my book:  The Primacy of Stewardship.


2)         The Pythagorean riddle:  Why did the Pythagoreans ask:  "Can we construct a circle exactly equal in area to a given square using only the compass and straightedge?"  Would these people, who were deemed the wisest teachers and philosophers of the ancient world, ask this question if the answer were No?  Because of the structure of ancient spoken and written languages, could the declarative mode have looked the same in writing as the interrogative, but convey the declarative meaning when spoken:  "We can construct a circle exactly equal in area to a given square using only the compass and straightedge."  Why make that declaration except if it has a profound scientific meaning?  Students of geometry and philosophers have suggested that the secret of life in the universe is hidden in the ancient riddle, just as it is hidden also in the construction of the pentangle and the cosine of 36 degrees (0.80901699437494742410229341718282…) which is one half of  1.6180339887498948482045868343656…, which is the cotangent of 31.717474411461005324213903139773… an angle of interest in the right triangle on the left side of the pentangle construction.  And just as it is hidden in the Golden Mean and the Great Pyramid.  Could it be that all this points the way, like a "lighthouse" points the way, which is the same as like a "pharaoh" points the way, to the secret of life in the universe and that secret was revealed by the Pythagoreans:  Proportion is everything (?)  Thirty-five years of study and related research produced SOLITU, the Secret of Life in the Universe and the Unification Construction, which shows that the ancient Pythagoreans constructed pi to the 9th decimal place, and they knew it, and they knew how to construct a straight line equal to pi exactly, and they could do this because they understood that proportion is everything and IS the secret of life in the universe.  Proportion is the most fundamental force of Nature, and mathematics is our perception of proportion wherever it is found, which is everywhere. 


3)         The "passage" of time:  We, including the mainstream physicists and mathematicians, fantasize that we can travel through time, to the past or to the future and back to the present, without anyone ever explaining how or why.  Why would we be able to do that?  What purpose would that serve?  If people from the future came back to their past, which is our present, to change history, how would that be different from you or I doing something in our present to change history?  If a person from the future traveled to the past and changed our history, how would our brains all change their memories of the past instantaneously?  How many times would that happen in a week if many people from the future traveled to the past in order to change history?  Is it not clear that Nature has no use for such craziness?  We have time because we have a sense of past, present and future BECAUSE  that sense is necessary in order for a technological animal (humans) to form the concept of cause and effect.  We must have the sense of time in our brains in order to have technology, which is an enormously effective survival trait for an animal to have.  That is why we have time in our brains, but not anywhere else.  A universe with time travel is entirely different from a universe where time is understood as a fiction of consciousness, nothing more than a mental function that is a pre-requisite for technology.    Twenty-five years of study and research produced Timeworks, my posted list of short and long essays on the reality of time showing that "no time" is the equivalent of Einstein's theory of "space-time": the reality that we each have our own clocks, and we can measure a different passage of time -- a different count of cyclical events -- when there is only one "duration" or span of physical change or natural process.  The space traveler exceeding the velocity of light might measure 100 "years" of time, while his cousin on Earth will have a clock that measures 10 years of time, but the time elapsed for both will be the same.  The clocks change because of physical conditions that change the medium of perception, but it is only the clocks that change, not the actual time elapsed, BECAUSE time is a count of cyclical events and ONLY A COUNT OF CYCLICAL EVENTS.  Our perception that a clock is measuring something independent of the cyclical event is a mental illusion or "fiction of consciousness."   


4)         The Two-Party Tyranny is the fake democracy of America:  therefore, the question is "What can we do to replace the Two-Party Disaster with a truly democratic system for electing our legislators and executives?  I have pondered that question since I delivered newspapers daily in 1956, and saw John F. Kennedy deliver his inspiring speech at the 1956 Democratic National Convention.  America will suffer greatly, and probably come to a tragic collapse if we do not find the courage and determination to create a real democracy.  The easiest path is to use vote donation and political party coalitions so that every election can identify a legitimate majority to exercise the power of government.  Minimal political adjustment with maximum effect.    


Why these particular four questions?  Because I have known since I was a child that I had a different viewpoint and I have made a commitment to myself and to my friends and neighbors to articulate that viewpoint and share it, BECAUSE a different viewpoint helps us to understand the real world, AND the universe I perceive is very different from the one described by the mainstream conformists in both religion and science.  ---  Thanks for your time and attention, John Manimas. 


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