The Old Family and the Kitchen

Copyright 2021, John Manimas


"Hey! That's mine."


"The meeting was deemed productive."

"You want scrambled?"

"Where's my shoes?"

"If not peppers, yes."

Ring-a-ling, ring-a-ling.

"I'm going to Leonard's after school."


"Not late. Home by eight."

"Yeah, just butter."

"Eight? You mean eight in the morning?"

"I need my shoes. Mom!"

"No, wiseass. Home by eight or kiss Leonard goodbye."

"Eggs ready!"

"You want me to kiss Leonard!"

"You don't like the rules, find another hotel."

"Some parents love their children."

"Some parents have lovable children."

"The toast is getting cold."

"Right. I'm a fat, ugly child."

"We're harsh? Because you blew a thousand dollar card in one week?"

"These are not my shoes!"

"If you're late, and you get detention, enjoy the walk home."

"I'll probably get raped."

"Walk home with Rita. She'll kill the rapist."

"We're out of milk."

"More milk in the fridge on the porch."

"The black mold fridge?"

"Am I gonna have shoes or what?"

"The bus is here. Mr. Robar is coming up the walk! Mr. Robar is coming up the walk!"


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