IFDemocracy and John Manimas Platform summary (Not the Seven Principles of the Real Democracy Party):


1)  (Transform):  6 flaws, 4 lethal, of the subversive Two-Party Tyranny.


2)  Develop (Real Democracy):  Use vote donation and party coalition and the seven principles of the Real Democracy Movement to create multi-party system that implements the will of the people:  public policy moves in the same direction as the electorate votes.


3)  (Inclusive Economy):  National Reserve Labor Force.  Individuals should have economic rights and legislation may be needed.  Employers should have primary control of who is hired or dismissed.  We need a new system to distribute incomes that is not

based only on employment by the private sector.


4)  (Labor and Management):  We need absolute liability for injury or damage to property or natural resources, with no escape from obligation to pay for losses.  We need two types of corporations:  A)  social alliance; B) investors.  Impose taxes on investment incomes the same as all other incomes, not "capital gains."


5)  (Business and Government):  Business entities are not persons and have no political or legally protected civil rights.  We need an Economic Activities Act to impose strong regulation of accounting practices and tight regulation of investment gambling.


6)  (End Lobbying):  Lobbying, allowing business entities to behave as though they are individual persons with civil rights should be made illegal.  Allow business people and business organizations to express their opinions in publications.


7)  (Taxation):  We must not have taxation without accountability:  there are too many black operations and secret government programs.  Secret government programs or programs run by corporations with government financial support creates secret foreign policy that is lethal to democracy -- look at  Germany in 1945 when the people discovered what their government had done in their name.


8)  (Education) Developmental Grading:  Schools should be designed and managed by teachers and principals.  Local control and financial responsibility for buildings, facilities and equipment -- which is and should be locally owned.  National accreditation of teachers and national system of compensation according to qualifications and challenges for teachers in specific territories or municipal locations.  Use Developmental Grading to encourage learning and rational identification of learning goals.  Colleges and all higher educational programs have become extremely complex in terms of education as compared to employment training and the financing of higher education.


9)  The Common Problem of (Self-Medication):  Stop treating drug abuse as a crime treated by incarceration.  Identify the wide range of self-medication practices, an established cultural practice, and the forms of self-medication that are harmful and that diminish the individual's contribution to the economy and social life.  Attend to those forms of self-medication that that cause a measurable loss to the community.  Provide for public discouragement and private non-profit treatment programs.  Do nothing that enables addiction and the losses caused by addictive behavior.  Deny the right to be employed as a disabled person.  This is not fair to employers or supportive of a rational economic system.  Employers should not be forced to employ anyone with a substance addiction which inherently reduces productivity and safety in the workplace.  The judgment as to whether addiction reduces productivity and safety is the right of the employer who pays the employee, not the community's judgment.  No tax funds should be allotted to treat addiction, but only private non-profit treatment should be allowed.  Let the people pay directly for treatment of addiction, according to their tolerance of addiction as a permissible behavior.  Tolerance of drug addiction should be treated as a religious matter, not a problem assigned to the state.


10)  (Public Office):  The people should identify the bona fide qualifications for election to or appointment to public office, which does not include patterns of sexual behavior or gender orientation.


11)  Our (Economic Resources):  The highest priority for our scientific and technological resources is environmental protection, serious protection of our basic and essential economic resources:  safe drinking water, productive soils, breathable and protective atmosphere. 


12)  The (Protection) of Minorities:  We should use the language of ethnic heritage rather than racial traits.  We should devise and implement a plan to use DNA testing to offer to identify the ethnic heritage of any American who has reason to believe they have an African ethnic heritage.  The American tradition of fraternal organizations or community organizations based on ethnic heritage is consistent with the Bill of Rights.  It is extremely important that we remember that We do not create the agencies and institutions of government in order to have them exercise the police power over our personal lives.      


13)  Regulation of (Investment Gambling):  The capital investment system (also known as Wall Street) is beneficial but only so long as it is carefully regulated to serve the needs of the entire society.  It must not be allowed to be nothing more than legalized gambling on a grand scale.  It is valid to support a financial system that enables investors and bankers to exercise rational control over business entities and business activities, but it is wrong and extremely dangerous to suggest or allow investors and bankers to use financial power to exercise control over our government or our society.  The economy is like water and air:  it is not privately owned.  The economy is the property of the people and it belongs to the community and the nation.  The basic power and authority of the people to protect the public health and welfare is equivalent to the power and authority to regulate the economy.  And that includes regulation of investment practices and banking practices and accounting practices.  No business practice or election practice should support or allow a business entity or group of business entities to hire a person to run for elective public office.  Lobbying should be illegal and subject to severe penalties.  Karl Marx and other communist thinkers developed useful ideas and models for understanding how a modern industrial economy works, and it is a tragedy of American history that socialism has been discredited by capitalists for selfish reasons.  The warnings from Karl Marx about where unregulated capitalism would lead are valid and helpful for preventing authoritarian society and authoritarian government.  Marx's conceptualization of the weaknesses in an economic system of strictly capitalist control was based on his scientific observations of factories in New York City and Lancaster, England.  His argument that the labor of the workers in a factory are the source of the added value --  the production of wealth -- through industrial production is still valid today.  Corporations do not create jobs.  They do hire people when the exploitation of labor enables them to make a profit, but all employment arises out of public demand for goods and services.  Profit occurs only when there are effective customers, and an effective customer is not just a citizen who wants something, but a citizen who wants something AND has the money to pay the price that has evolved through the free market.  The public value of a business corporation should not be measured according to how many people are hired, but how much effective customer power is created by the employment activities of the corporation.         


14)  The (Free Market A):  Accurate and chemically meaningful labelling is essential to maintain a free market economy and to protect the public health.  Plant seeds in particular should be regulated according to a clear and detailed system that describes what the purchaser of seeds, whether farmer, corporation or gardener, is getting for the price that they pay.  When the pollen of a genetically modified plant is delivered to a naturally evolved or domesticated plant by the wind or other natural causes, the legal effect is a loss to the natural plant grower caused by the grower of the genetically modified plant grower.        


15)  Government (Subsidies):  (in process)  The people have a right to know, from readily available published information, the details of any form of financial subsidy to any individual, group or business entity provided by the expenditure of tax funds.  This includes any legislation or government program that indirectly provides a financial benefit to a business entity or type of business activity or type of business investment. 


16)  Good (Citizenship):  The "right to bear arms" for individuals and families is not addressed by the Second Amendment but by the Fourth Amendment and the Tenth Amendment.  There is no practical capacity of the people to engage in combat with the Armed Forces using the rifles and handguns that the people have a right to own for purposes of personal and household security or for hunting, "sports" or for "target practice."  The government has both the power and a duty to promote public safety and firearms safety, and could do so more effectively by using legislative definitions to separate the types of firearms and weapons that are effective for personal and household defense as opposed to the elaborate and advanced communications and weapons technology that is appropriate for the Armed Forces.  The right to personal and public safety is adequately protected by possession of types and classes of weapons that are distinctly different from the armory of a military institution designed to defend a nation.     


17)  Public (Meeting Places):  Personality profiling should be used for hiring public servants, especially police officers.  Each municipality should have public places for people to gather and engage in political debate or to peaceably assemble and express satisfaction or grievances, and police should be reliable providers of protection for anyone exercising their right to free speech.


18)  A (Theory of War):  The foreign policy of the United States should include carefully considered efforts to reduce the frustrations of the nations of the world, big and small.  The United Nations Organization should be reformed or dissolved and replaced with a real world government that begins to exercise some form of international authority.  The United Nations is old and stale, not really an organization but instead a treaty organization that favors the interests of industrial nations, especially the five permanent members of the Security Council and self-serving victors of World War II:  The U.S.A., Great Britain, Russia, France and China.  The United Nations is ineffective at achieving the goal of making the world safe for democracy and in particular making the world safe for tribal societies and modes of social organization that reject chemical industries and militarism.


19)  (Restorative Practices):  We know from experience that a prison sentence imposed as a punishment does not create a law-abiding citizen.  We need to emphasize restorative justice practices and practical methods to return an offender to the law-abiding community.  We should consider open-ended sentencing so that an offender may return to the civil society only after they have met required behavioral goals.  I recommend a three level confinement system:  Introductory Placement; Education and Training; and Graduation Program.


20)  (Tribal Societies):  The world will not be safe for democracy until we make the world safe for tribal societies.  It is neither logical nor effective for the large nations of the planet to behave as though the only path of political progress is to discard tribal or communal living in exchange for the nation state.  Some people do not want to be a nation and their right to refuse to become a nation state should be protected.  The citizens of the United States of America should seriously explore the harm caused to American tribes by the European Invasion and what are the possibilities for repairing the harm that has been caused.  What is our plan for restoring relationships that respect the native peoples who have lived within American territory for thousands of years.


21)  The (Free Market B):  The integrity of the agricultural free market is distorted by any deficiency in precise and accurate labelling.  If the source of a food product is not properly identified, that is a distortion of the free market that amounts to meeting the definition of fascism used by political scientists:  an oppressive alliance between business entities and the institutions of government.  Lending must be strictly regulated to limit interest rates and penalties, and to encourage household savings.  Over lending should be a felony crime resulting in severe penalties.


22)  The (Information Machine):  Disinformation and secret military operations produce taxation without accountablility, a clear and dangerous violation of the fundamental principles of democracy.  The privilege of incorporation was originally intended to produce a business entity that would not die with the death of its founder and which could obtain financial support from investors who are not the managers of the business.  But the corporation has evolved in a manner that makes corporations a menace to society and to democracy.  The free market economy is directly and severely distorted, even destroyed, by the practices of licensing and subscriptions, both of which have risen out of the practices of electronic and software producers.  The power of the consumer, the sovereignty of the customer and buyer is being dissolved and replaced with corporate power over the customer and consumer.  Another practice that is a scam and confidence game that victimizes the customer is the "warranty extension" that the customer pays for.  This is essentially the practice of having the customer pay for product defects and poor quality control of production.  The gathering of consumer information which is called "marketing" is used as an excuse to invade personal privacy and obtain information that has nothing to do with buying and selling.  Attempts to remove or reduce the gathering of personal information falsely described as "marketing" would most likely fail.  Therefore, a more promising antidote to the insidious invasion of privacy by corporations would be to mandate and implement "inverse marketing."  Operate information gathering and publishing systems that disseminate financial and political information about both private and public business corporations.


23)  The Primary (Task of Society):  Public education is the most important activity of any civilization.  We should have teachers and experienced educators and principals manage the public schools.  We should have shared responsibility and shared funding together with communal commitment to educating every member of society.  We need to publicly recognize that all of society benefits from public education, and correct the false and ridiculous viewpoint that public education benefits only the poor or only those who are the parents of school-age children.  We should use developmental grading to encourage student success, as well as clearly defined classification and recorded selection of learning goals or instructional objectives.  Developmental grading results should be distinguished by the identified origin of the learning goal.         


24)  (Plan) of the Real Democracy Project:  The plan of the Real Democracy Project, Movement and Party is to dislodge the death grip of the subversive Two-Party Partnership and set the stage for real democracy by making use of vote donation and political party coalitions.  Also, the seven principles of the Real Democracy Party include:  voter registration at birth; severe penalties of any form of gerrymandering or vote capture and for any form of voter suppression; make lobbying by any business entity illegal; election technology shall be the best available and shall not be privately owned intellectual property; paper print-out of votes cast provided to voter at the polling place; a national elections commission empowered to recommend, monitor and supervise the best election technology and practices.


25)  (Do Not Split) Your Vote!  The Real Democracy Party recommends that all voters either vote against the Two-Party Disaster by writing in the name of John Manimas for President, OR: 

            If you the voter prefer the policies of the Republican Party, vote only for Republican candidates.  Do not split your vote.  Republican policies and programs will not be implemented by compromise between the two major political parties.  The passage of legislation and rational conduct of the elected officers WILL NOT OCCUR if the Presidency and the Congress are occupied by two different political parties.  Republican policies and programs will be implemented only if the Congress is controlled by the Republican Party and the President is a Republican. 

            If you the voter prefer the policies of the Democratic Party, vote only for Democrats.  Do not split your vote.  Democratic policies and programs will not be implemented by compromise between the two major political parties.  The passage of legislation and rational conduct of the elected officers WILL NOT OCCUR if the Presidency and the Congress are occupied by two different political parties.  Democratic policies and programs will be implemented only if the Congress is controlled by the Democratic Party and the President is a Democrat. 


[26] Comprehensive Economic Philosophy: The Truly Free (Marketplace) . (20 pages)


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