The steps in the Real Democracy Project and why they will occur:


1)  The news is spread by interested citizens:  The Real Democracy Party, Project, and Movement are announced online and the news is disseminated by voters, all over the country, that for the first time in the 2016 election the voters who usually do not vote  --  who are 40% of the eligible voters  -- can actually vote against the Two-Party System that they oppose by writing in the name of presidential candidate  J o h n   M a n i m a s  with full details available to all online at jmanimas dot com.  The central fact of this news is that by writing in the name of John Manimas the voter is voting against the Two-Party Disaster and in favor of changing to real democracy through a multi-party system and vote donation and political party coalitions. 

            Why this step one will occur:

            This news will be spread everywhere BECAUSE the people like the idea of having this choice and the principles of the Real Democracy Party are very important to the people.  Many voters who usually vote (60%) and vote for the Democrat or the Republican may also decide instead to write in J o h n  M a n i m a s  


2)  The missing 40% will vote in 2016.  The 40% of all the eligible voters who usually abstain from voting (80 million in 2016), or at least 25% (50 million in 2016) will go to the polls and write in the name of John Manimas for President, because they want to send a message to the Congress.   The message embodied in that write-in vote is that they want the dysfunctional Two-Party System to be discarded and replaced with a real democracy, a real democracy that moves public policy to the right when the majority votes to the right and that moves public policy to the left when the majority votes to the left.  That is a real democracy that implements the will of the people.

            Why this step two will occur:

            At least 25% (50 million voters) will vote against the Two-Party Disaster by writing in the name John Manimas and for the Seven Principles of the Real Democracy Party because they never had this opportunity before.  They want to participate in the 2016 election by registering their extreme opposition to continuation of the corrupt and dysfunctional Two Party Tyranny.  This new voting block will not affect the votes by the 60% who want to vote for either the Democratic candidate or the Republican candidate. 


3)  One to three states will award their presidential electoral votes to John Manimas.

             Why this step three will occur:

            Although most states will award their electoral votes, by a plurality vote, to either the Democratic candidate or the Republican candidate for president, the voting counts will indicate extremely close totals for each of the major party candidates, and many states will be designated as "too close to call" on election night.  However, the voters in the western states will see that the election has been set up to be manipulated by the corrupt election officials, like they did in Florida in 2000, and the only way to enable the favored candidate to be elected is to vote for John Manimas so that he can donate his presidential electoral votes to the Two-Party candidate who best supports the principles of Real Democracy.  If all the voters vote only for the Democrat or the Republican, the corrupt election officials will disqualify and destroy votes for one candidate, but they will not be able to discard or destroy write - in votes for John Manimas.  A write-in vote cannot be designated as an error or a spoiled ballot.


4)  The presidential electoral votes awarded to John Manimas will be donated and transferred to the favored candidate

            Why this step four will occur:

            The state or states where a plurality or majority of the votes are for John Manimas, will receive the public request from John Manimas that his electoral votes be awarded (donated, transferred) to another candidate (the candidate who best supports the principles of Real Democracy).  That candidate will be a candidate who has a high number of electoral votes within reach of the 270 votes required for victory -- and reaching 270 electoral votes when the electoral votes of John Manimas are added.  No state legislature has any law or statute that tells them how to appoint presidential electors who are pledged to a write-in candidate and who wins the popular election in their state.  Therefore, in compliance with the Constitution Article II the states will have unimpaired power to appoint the electors pledged to John Manimas in whatever manner they deem effective and acceptable.  As requested by John Manimas, the electors pledged to John Manimas will honor Mr. Manimas' request that their electoral votes be donated to the other candidate who best supports the principles of Real Democracy.  The presidential electors will do this because the majority of all state legislators want to affirm and uphold the political power of all of the state legislatures, individually and together, to appoint the President of the United States as they deem to be in the best interests of the nation.  There is no state or federal law that can effectively overcome the clear and specific investment of power in the state legislatures to cast their presidential electoral votes exclusively by exercise of their own singular political authority, unimpaired by any other authority.  The casting of a state's presidential electoral votes by electors appointed by a state legislature is the exercise of a constitutional political power, and is not the same as passage of a resolution or a law.        


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