A Museum of Lost Thoughts

Copyright 2018, by John Manimas


What happens to lost thoughts?† Most of them are kept somewhere.† In a lost mind, or in a healthy mind that keeps thoughts in storage, organized, like canned mental vegetables from the psychological garden.† Many lost thoughts are very old, like antiques, but they are appreciated, like medieval art, even cherished, or worshipped.† A lot of lost thoughts are about God, who might not even exist.† And if he does not exist, it is amazing how something that does not exist can be the source of so many old thoughts.† They float on the ocean of time, like driftwood, like seaweed, like garbage, come in with the high tide of enthusiasm for violence, and gather on the sandy shore, dry out and get pecked, by sea birds, flies, and human peckers.† The human peckers collect the old salty sea-polished thoughts, stack them and sort them, build houses with them, cathedrals, tanks, battleships, fighter planes, nuclear bombs, all made of old thoughts.


Come in.† Look at the old lost thoughts.† Hereís one of the earliest:† Obey your parents.† That is a good one.† One of the first to be lost.† Because parents can be stupid, irrational, arbitrary, spiteful, mean, selfish, incompetent.† Who wants to obey a fool?† So, that thought is one of the oldest and most common lost thoughts that you will find in a thought museum.† But keep in mind, it is still alive, still a meaningful and worthy thought, so long as you have at least one parent with a real brain.† Naturally, the thoughts in my lost thought museum are not really lost.† They are just old and either discarded or rendered obsolete by newer thoughtology.†


Hereís one, still in the theology section:† God is everywhere.† Oh yeah?† This lost thought is immediately recognized by most people as distinguished by its duplicity.† Nearly everyone you know will ask where was God when Ö.. something terrible happened.† Oh, He was there, but his plans are hard to understand.† A bucket of lost thoughts from beneath the outhouse of human civilization.† It is a nice thought, perhaps a wish rather than a real fact.† It qualifies for a museum of lost thoughts because most people have replaced it with something more promising, like a bottle of soda, or a cheeseburger, or plastic shoes.† Letís move on, to another room, in the human needs section.† The first room is the food room.† Hereís our first lost thought in the human needs section:† Iím hungry.† Doesnít even sound like a thought.† Sounds like an alarm.† So common.† And how could it be a lost thought?† It occurs regularly , several times a day.† What happens to people who lose this thought?† Well, some people do.† They lose weight.


Here we have the common everyday section:† The Morgue of Lost Questions.† Where did I put my glasses?† What if I had sex with Ms X next door?† What does her naked body look like?† Where would I be now if I decided to stick with math instead of changing to sociology?† In this section most of the lost thoughts are questions.† Would I have made more money if I became a lawyer?† Would I have been more successful if I dropped my boyfriend instead of marrying him?† This section is followed by the Hall of Lost Answers.† The Hall of Lost Answers is theoretical of course, thoughts about what might have been if the answer was different from the one you composed and followed.




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