My Last Pizza, a play, Act One

Copyright 2018, John Manimas


Cast of characters:

Al, Bob, Celt, Don, Ed, Flam,

Gert, Heidi, Ingrid, Joann, Kandy, Lena



Empty stage, or set per Director.  Messy room. 

ENTER:  Flam.  Hesitant, scratches head maybe, adjusts clothes, looks around, then, with lighting, goes to front stage and faces the audience.

Flam:  Thanks for inviting me to join the Local Village Poetry Group.  It's an honor and I hope you find my contributions worthwhile.  I know I enjoy your's very much.  …

            So, here's my first poem.  I sometimes do a kind of series.  This series I call the "I just wanted to say" series.  This is #1.

            I just wanted to say that I've had a good life and I enjoyed my visit to Earth very much.  I have met a lot of nice people.  I had fun.  Joy.  Sometimes.  And sometimes sorrow, from which I learned something.  I wish I knew what happens next. Like, when this visit is over here, do I visit someplace else.  Good question.  Whatever the answer, I just wanted to say Thank You.  Even though I'm not sure what I've been given.



STAGE DARK, ENTER:  Al, lies down on floor, more or less center front.


STAGE LIGHTED, ENTER:  Bob.  Notices Al, approaches Al.


Bob:  Hey Al.  What's up.  You awake?


Al:  Sits up, rubs head, faces outward to audience.

Al:  Yeah.  Now.  I was dreaming.


Bob:  Yeah?  What about?  Something good?


Al: I don't know.  It's not clear.  It's fading.  I was sitting in front of a large plate -- on the floor.  And I was waiting for something.  But what I was waiting for was on the plate.  People were around me, people made of corn puff.  They were mumbling something.  What was on the plate was a pile, just a heap kind of, and it was about to say something.  Then I woke up. 


Bob:  When I came in?  I woke you up?


Al:  No.  I woke up in my dream.  But I was still dreaming. 


Bob:  That's cool.  Dreaming that you are awake … the same thing as being awake in a dream.  Or, being in a dream world while being awake …  I don't know.  Nothing is normal these days.  What's next?  We gonna play "Destroyanator"?


Al:  I think it was the last pizza. 


Bob:  What last pizza?  What about the last pizza?


Al:  It made me dream.  A pizza dream.


Bob:  Is there more? 


Al:  I don't know for sure.  Maybe.  The next pizza.




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